The usual disclaimer applies - all reviews are my own opinion, and I disclose the provenance of all items. I am not compensated for my reviews. Most posts contain affiliate links. (If you shop through those, you help support this site, so thank you if you do!)

I like to be as balanced as possible in my reviews, which means I try not to judge a product based on my preferences alone, but ultimately I can only speak to my personal experiences. As such, it's only fair to share my skin type and testing process.

I have combination skin that is moderately prone to hormonal breakouts, with dilated pores in my t-zone and fine lines around my eyes. I had very oily, acne-prone skin until I went on Accutane in my 20s, which normalized it to a normal-to-oily type. I only started developing dry areas when I entered my 30s.

My eyelids remain oily, and because of their shape (lots of lid space, deep crease), I generally cannot wear powder eyeshadow without a primer of some sort. As a result, I usually judge longevity based on how the product wears over primer. If the brand is claiming superior or unusual longevity, then I will try to test it on bare lids as well.

In order to provide accurate and comparable swatches, I swatch everything on bare, primer-free but moisturized skin, unless indicated otherwise.

As of the last year or so, I generally prefer to support cruelty-free* brands. However I do still have makeup that is not CF, and I do not consider myself CF as such. I will list CF status of products where applicable, and I do have a CF brand list as one of my pages for reference.

*What I consider cruelty-free: a brand that does not test it's finished products or ingredients on animals, does not use suppliers that test cosmetic ingredients on animals, and does not ask third parties to do so (including submitting to/paying for mandatory testing in countries like China and Brazil).

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