May 14, 2015


Androo hates it when I start my sentences with "I've been thinking...", as it usually means that he needs to move something for me, or build something. Sweetheart that he is, he has yet to say no.

Thankfully, this time the changes are squarely on me.

Ever since I posted my "Truthiness in Blogging", I've been thinking - A LOT - about what it is I've been doing over the last few years with this blog. (I took a bit of a break at the start of the year, thinking it was mostly a bit of burnout, but my underlying malaise never really went away.) More specifically, how I've been interacting with the beauty industry, with fellow beauty lovers - and how that all ties in with my own personal ethics.

After some really hard, critical thinking, I've come to some unpleasant conclusions. Namely, I've strayed rather dramatically from my centre, and have rationalized a pattern of consumption that I just can't justify any longer.

So I'm making some changes.

1) After a few more posts that I've already committed to writing (or have already half-written), I will no longer be updating this blog. I won't delete it right away, as I still have some attachment to what I've spent the last few years creating. I debated just changing the name and the format, but I think I need a clean break. I will still be blogging, with a shifted focus, over at I've since come back to this blog. The break from ny habits and ways of thinking was necessary, but ultimately I still mainly want to write about makeup and beauty. I'm going to cross-post relevant posts from there to here, and the focus will continue to be on cruelty-free beauty.

2) The nature of beauty blogging is such that it encourages overconsumption. Considering the fiscal, environmental and personal impact, my goals going forward will be to simplify. I will be downsizing my collection in the coming weeks, and I will re-start my declutter series, with a more aggressive focus. I will be donating and selling those items, as warranted. 

3) Part of the disjointed feeling I've been having these last few months stems from the fact that I feel like a tremendous hypocrite purchasing from brands that have been tested on animals, while cooing over my own dogs and their adorableness. I haven't decided yet what to do with all the items I own from non-CF brands (there are a distressing amount), but going forward, I will be limiting my purchases to CF products. (If you are perchance also looking to go cruelty-free, this blog is an EXCELLENT resource:

Seriously. Look at those faces.
I obviously still love makeup, and beauty in general, so whatever I continue to blog about will encompass that field. I just need to pare back the things that have become noise in my life, so that I can truly appreciate the things that are lovely and worthwhile.