July 23, 2015

The Sort of Intentional Makeup No-Buy

Somehow, without really trying, I wound up doing a no-buy these last few months.

Going cruelty-free helped, certainly, since I couldn't just pick something up on a whim. I wanted to research the brand's status, which meant first checking their own website for either outright statements or signs of weasel-speak, and then cross-referencing with the two or three online sources I trust. By that point, I often found myself moving past the initial OMG I MUST HAVE IT emotions that have characterized my makeup shopping these last few years.

When I realized I was actually moving away from those urges, I decided to remove all sources of temptation. I unsubscribed from newsletters (SALES! EXACTLY LIKE LAST YEAR! ONLY SALE-IER! AND WITH MORE OF THIS !!!!!) and Youtube channels that drove my need for acquisition. I unfollowed brands and PRs on social media. I even stopped reading certain blogs, though I might adore the people behind them, because I needed to get out of that New! Shiny! Pretty! headspace.

And...it worked.

The last time I bought from Sephora was May 3rd.  

sephora makeup no-buy

Yeah, I'm thisclose to requalifying for Rouge. And at this point all I can muster for that "accomplishment" is a big ole shrug. I'm actually more perturbed that I spent 230$ a month on makeup. 

(That point status thing in the Sephora account may work against them, when people get a hard look at their purchasing habits. I looked at my number for last year, and nearly had a stroke. Especially when I factored in that Sephora only accounted for part of my makeup spending. Short story: I could have bought a car with the money I spent. Not a fancy one, you understand, let's say the 2008 economy version, but still...A FREAKING CAR.)

This is what's on my Loves list, which used to be several pages long.

sephora makeup no-buy

Both are from cruelty-free, quasi-vegan brands, and I'm totally fine waiting until the VIB sale to get them. And maybe not even then, because I have so much freaking stuff to get through first.

(Side note: Kat Von D is one of the few brand-related people I'm still following on Instagram, and holy hell is she ever awesome. I had this image of her in my head from the Jesse James scandal, and she is so far from that. Honestly, go check her out.)

I did also buy a set of Cozzette brushes (30% discounted on sale), which are vegan and cruelty-free, as I'm trying to replace and re-home my animal hair brushes. (Minus the two Japanese-made ones I own. Because I am weak.) 

cozzette makeup brushes vegan cruelty-free

Other than that, I haven't purchased any makeup or skincare, or really any beauty items since May 3rd. I did get some soap, toothpaste and natural deodorant at the end of May, but that's really it. It was much, much easier than I thought it would be, though of course I also have a huge backlog of products to lean on. And that really is going to be my goal going forward: to buy as little as possible, use what I have, and really narrow down my collection to those items that I really, truly love.

How are you guys doing with your beauty buys this year? If you're decluttering/downsizing, what do you find has helped you stay on track? 

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