November 09, 2014

My Apothecary Website

So I don't normally plug my micro-biz here. I generally feel a little weird doing so, though I'm not really sure why - they're tangentially related after all, being about makeup one one hand, and soap/perfume on the other. I guess maybe because this blog is really more of a personal hobby, whereas Pretty Indulgent is more of a side-job, I feel strange using one to talk about the other?

That being said, I've worked really stinking hard on re-booting the site (and I am NOT tech-savvy), so I feel like I really need to share the result of that blood, sweat and tears with folks who might enjoy it.

Anyway. :)

Here is a peek at the storefront, and if you feel like looking a little further, the link is here. (And if you do feel like getting something, I'm putting up a a 15% off code - blogfriends - for you guys. It'll be good until the 31st of December this year.)

I'm still working on updated some of the product images, but if you happen to spot anything else that's wonky, feel free to poke me about it!


  1. umm i had no clue that you did this! Awesome! :)

    1. I do! And thank you! :D


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