September 02, 2014

Decluttering My Makeup: Part 1

In a long overdue fit of organizational frenzy, I've decided to systematically go through my stash and purge the things that I'm not using or otherwise enjoying. No worries, I'm still a hoarder collector at heart, but sometime in the last few months I actually reached that point of feeling overwhelmed by my collection. I'm not interested in downsizing specifically, and I have absolutely zero shame or embarrassment about my collection, but I do the beauty thing for the joy of it, and when pleasure is replaced by anxiety, it's a good sign that some reassessment is required.

I wanted to be really thorough in my process, so I'm literally going drawer by drawer. I've opted to put this to film, and to hold myself accountable - literally - by putting numbers down for everything I own and am passing on. If you're interested, the first three parts are now up on my youtube channel.

(I will be giving a first run at things to my family and friends - including a care package to Poland -  and then I'll be doing a blog sale/pass-along post, which I will update as I go through further portions of my collection.)

(If you do watch, let me know if you prefer music or no music over the title at the beginning of the video. I'm still undecided.)

It feels like there's a wave of decluttering happening on youtube right now. Are any of you guys doing this? I know Latoya from Beauty Obsessed is in the middle of something similar on her blog, if you haven't seen her latest post it's here and definitely inspirational.