March 06, 2014

Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor - Review and Swatches

I may be dating myself writing this, but I remember a time when shopping for makeup at the drugstore was an exercise in futility and frustration. Eyeshadows were chalky and sheer, lipsticks were twelve shades of uninteresting, and you could forget about getting any kind of colour match with foundation if your skin wasn't some bizarre shade of pink-toned ecru.

I've always loved a bargain, but shopping for drugstore makeup these days is an actual pleasure in and of itself. Prices may have gone up, but so has the quality and selection.

And so I was very hopeful when it came time to test the stash of Cover Girl LipPerfection lipsticks I acquired via the Beauty United blogger program.

Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor

Overall, I was very pleased. I generally find them to be smooth to apply (no drag), nicely pigmented (medium on one swipe, opaque with two), and with a moderately creamy texture. They're not especially hydrating, but they are very comfortable to wear and don't dry my lips out in the slightest. (If you have very dry lips, however, you'll probably want to layer a balm underneath.) They have a satin finish - for the most part - and they lend themselves well to precise application.

The three lightest shades have a somewhat different texture, which a little more "slippy" and less opaque. They also somewhat emphasize the texture (cracks, lines, flaky areas) of my lips, and do best when applied over lip balm and patted on with a brush or finger, rather than applied straight from the tube.

The medium to deep shades have great lasting power, 4-6 hours with minor wear. Creme fades within a couple of hours, while Sweet and Yummy last somewhere in between, though Sweet has more of a staining effect. These lipsticks don't seem to contain a masking fragrance, which means they have a faintly waxy sort of scent. Not pleasant, but not noticeable after a few minutes - and I suppose a boon to those who are sensitive to added fragrance. (Personally, I'm always in for vanilla.)

I've roughly sorted the ones I have into a warm group and cool group, with both arm and lip swatches for comparison. 

Warm shades first:

Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor Seduce, Hot, Sweet, Creme review swatches
Top to bottom: Seduce, Hot, Sweet, Creme
Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor Seduce, Hot, Sweet, Creme review swatches
Left to right: Top to bottom: Seduce, Hot, Sweet, Creme

Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor seduce review swatches
Seduce 307
Seduce is a gorgeous and classic apple red, ever so slightly on the warm side. It lasts beautifully, and has one of the nicest textures overall.

Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor hot review swatches
Hot 305
Hot is a warmer, tomato red , bright and vivid. This has one of the creamier textures, and is one I suggest wearing with a lip liner to avoid any bleeding, if you're prone to that. It's a great alternative to a true orange if you want to wear the bold lip Spring trend, but remain somewhat horrified by orange.

Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor sweet review swatches
Sweet 297
Sweet is a deep peach with an orange sherbet undertone. Like most shades that lean pastel, this can emphasize texture in the lips, but is fine if worn over lip balm (or lip balm and a lip liner combo to maintain some depth and opacity). This is very much a trend colour (and is featured in the Cover Girl/Pantene Spring/Summer 2014 video series here.)

Creme 256
Creme is a warm-tone beige nude, with a texture that was the least generous to any dryness or lines in my lips. I would dab this lightly on the lips in order to take down the natural cool-toned pink, and use it as a base for a nude gloss. 

And the cooler shades:

Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor review swatches Tempt, Eternal, Ravish, Tantalize, Bombshell, Yummy
Top to bottom: Tempt, Eternal, Ravish, Tantalize, Bombshell, Yummy 
Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor review swatches Tempt, Eternal, Ravish, Tantalize, Bombshell, Yummy
Left to Right: Tempt, Eternal, Ravish, Tantalize, Bombshell, Yummy

Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor tempt review swatches
Tempt 355
Tempt is a cool, cherry red with a strong pink undertone. Beautifully saturated and vivid, this is a great statement lip if you're torn between a classic red and a punchier fuchsia. 

Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor eternal review swatches
Eternal 350
Eternal is a hot, raspberry-toned pink with a lovely creamy finish. As you can no doubt imagine by now, this is one of my favourites.

Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor ravish review swatches
Ravish 308
Ravish is a plummy, dusky berry. This has one of the richer textures, and felt the most comfortable on. It had great lasting power and was very flattering on my skin tone. I can imagine this being a perfect work-friendly colour for a lot of people - classic, not trendy.

Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor tantalize review swatches
Tantalize 324
A cool, almost lilac-y mauve, I was surprised by how much I liked this colour on me. It actually has the same effect as a nude on other people - it looks natural, polished and subtly brightening, despite the strong cool cast.

Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor bombshell review swatches
Bombshell 327
Bombshell is a "soft" fuschia pink, bright but not jarring, and not so blue-toned as to be unkind to less than blindingly-white teeth. This also has the smoothest texture of them all.

cover girl lip perfection lipcolor yummy review swatches
Yummy 397
Yummy is a pastel pink, a little modish and 60s feeling. It can look chalky and a little unforgiving when applied straight on, but it's exactly the kind of shade that pairs well with a smoky eye (as per Rita Ora's look at the Grammys).

So overall? I'm really pleased with the the shade range and most of textures here, with some that I foresee being in heavy rotation this Spring and Summer. In terms of drugstore options, I'm glad to have the substantial selection of the full range at such an inexpensive price, especially when I'm craving a shot of something new, colour-wise.

Have you guys tried this line at all? What are your thoughts?

Availability: All major drugstores. Price varies, though I usually see them for between 8-11$ CAD. has them for 9.99$ CAD.

(These items were provided by the brand/PR to be considered for review. I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group, I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own.)


  1. Wow! Bombshell and Seduce are definitely my two favourites here!

    I never remember CG lipsticks being this awesome -- maybe I'm aging myself here, but I remember them being quite cheap and patchy up until a few years ago. They've really turned around, haven't they? Awesome.

    1. I had the same recollection, but so many drugstores brands have stepped up their game recently. It's actually almost difficult to find a truly bad drugstore lipstick range these days. It's just a matter of finding the particulars (colour, scent, texture) that appeal to you. :)

  2. I was impressed by these - much better formula than i was expecting haha! I have two of these, but i don't think they're ones you have. I should take them out and use them haha

    1. You should, lol! Which shades do you have?

  3. Anonymous12.3.14

    Hi babe your blog is so cute I've nominated you for the liebster award
    check it out xx

  4. I love this post! I just did a review & swatches blog post on these lipsticks in some great colours for spring!! Would love if you beautiful ladies would give it a look! Would love some colour suggestions as well XO

  5. Looove seeing these colors being worn! It's always impossible to pick a shade based on packaging. Thanks for this!!

    1. My pleasure! Glad it's helpful. :)


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