February 26, 2014

Sephora Divergent Makeup Collection Spring 2014 - Photos and Info

I haven't been this excited about a film/makeup collaboration since MAC Venomous Villains. Extra awesome is attached to this one because it was a book before it was a movie. (For those who don't know, I work a day job at a bookstore/gifting store as a visual merchandiser. Divergent was one of those books that got a ton of really intense love from the sales staff way before it ever hit the popular list. It was the kind of book that staff were devoutly pressing into customers' hands, assuring them that THEY HAD TO READ IT. And customers would inevitably come back three days later, asking WHERE IS THE SECOND BOOK, and cry bitter tears because it wasn't out yet.)

The Divergent collection will be coming out in March, as a limited and exclusive collection available at Sephora. Both the colours and the packaging will be inspired by the iconography and characters of the film, and the collection will feature some new and innovative formulas and textures.

Three pieces and sets are included in the collection:

Sephora DivergentMakeup Collection Spring 2014 - Photos and Info

Divergent Limited Edition Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit ($71.00 CAD - $59.50 USD)

With three limited edition eye shadow palettes, a cheek palette, and four lip glosses inspired by the traits of each Divergent faction, and a double-ended application brush, this multi-piece kit includes everything to define your inner self. For inspiration, three “Get-the-Look” cards are included and provide tips for creating different Divergent looks. 

Each of the three Eye Shadow Palettes contains four coordinating High Pigment Eye Shadows plus one High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadow to draw immediate attention to the eyes. The transformer shades impart a diamond illusion, shimmery, mirror-like reflection that is transparent when applied dry, and translucent when applied wet, showcasing fluid, twinkling particles that look like they are suspended in air. What’s more, you can mix and match the High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadows to give you a unique look every time by breaking apart the palette and swapping with another. Along with these 12 stunning shadows, the kit includes a Cheek Palette with two Long-Wear Blushes, Shimmering Bronzer and Radiant Glow Illuminator, four High Shine Lip Glosses and a Double-Ended Eye & Cheek Brush for flawless application.

Sephora Divergent Makeup Collection Spring 2014 - Photos and Info

Divergent Limited Edition Multi-Piece Collector’s Palette ($39.00 CAD - $32.50 USD) 

Portable but impactful, this limited edition palette contains three High Pigment Eye Shadows in versatile neutral shades: Candor Lace, Luminous Taupe, Envious Chocolate, one Long Wear Blush in Rosy Horizon, one Matte Bronzer in Compassionate Copper, and a High Shine Lip Gloss in Artistic Mauve.

Sephora Divergent Makeup Collection Spring 2014 - Photos and Info

Divergent Limited Edition 7-Piece Nail Art Kit ($33.00 CAD - $27.50 USD) 

This 7-piece set includes five Long-Wear Nail Lacquers, one High-Gloss Transforming Nail Lacquer and six Nail Water-Transfer Tattoos so you can proudly signal your Divergent allegiance on tips and toes. Create endless nail art looks by layering the unique High-Gloss Transforming Nail Lacquer over any shade to create an opalescent, shimmering finish, and then add one of the exclusive, easy-to-use Nail Water-Transfer Tattoos. Just cut the paper to any shape or size desired, add water, hold onto nail, and peel back for flawless application.

You obviously can't see me right now, but I am making grabby hands at everything here. I am especially tempted by the set, which seems like a really good price for all that's included, and I am intrigued by the High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadows. (I'm thinking something like the current Kat Von D holo lip gloss, but for the eyes?)

What do you think? Have you read the books or are you taking it as it comes as a makeup collection without getting invested in the story behind it?

(All images courtesy of press release.)


  1. I've had this book stored on my iPad since late last year, thinking that I would read it when I went to England in October. Alas, I never did get around to opening it up :( Right now I'm finishing up the first Mortal Instruments book so maybe I'll start Divergent next. Regarding the palettes, I'm really liking the look of the Multi-Piece Collector's Palette - those are some great colours!

    Side note: I've always wanted to work as a librarian or in a store like Chapters/Indigo. I just LOVE being surrounded by books and even the smell of them *sigh*

    1. What do you think of Mortal Instruments? I have the first one but have yet to get into it. I think I was actually mildly put off by the promos for the film, of all things.

      The smell of books and coffee = pure ambrosia. :D

  2. I read the first two books and really enjoyed them! I'm not sure I'm "feeling" the factions in this collection so it's not bringing me in as a fan of the book really.


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