September 05, 2013

Lise Watier tartantastique Fall 2013 Collection - Quatuor Eyeshadow Quartet in Les Mauves

The Tartantastique Fall Collection from Lise Watier features a limited edition palette, but also introduced a new permanent palette to the current line-up of Quatuor Eyeshadow Quartets: Les Mauves.

I find the name a little puzzling, as the shades call to mind fields of heather and lilac trees rather than anything resembling mauve. It's an absolutely gorgeous palette of cream, blue-leaning violet, icy lilac and cool, bittersweet chocolate. Beautiful shades that call to mind dusk and the darkening days of autumn.

Lise Watier tartantastique Fall 2013 Collection - Quatuor Eyeshadow Quartet in Les Mauves

Lise Watier tartantastique Fall 2013 Collection - Quatuor Eyeshadow Quartet in Les Mauves

All the shades in this palette have an intensely creamy texture. When you rub your finger over them, there is absolutely no powder kick-back, and they feel totally luxurious. They have beautiful pigmentation, and apply and blend like a dream. I especially appreciate the texture of the cream shade, as it can be difficult to find a white or cream that doesn't go a bit powdery or chalky, unless it's also a frost.

The cream and brown have a relatively matte finish, but due to that lovely texture they look anything but flat when applied.

The blue-violet shade is perhaps the sheerest of the bunch, but that's only if you want to be picky. It has a soft, duochrome-y shimmer.

The lilac is the most shimmery - almost metallic, actually - of the four and reads warmer or cooler depending on the way the light hits it. If you're looking for a nice alternative to the usual mauve-taupe shimmer (AKA Satin Taupe and all her clones), this is a great option.

I love the inclusion of that cool-toned brown, which can work as a liner, to deepen the crease and to generally wear the violet shades in a more neutral fashion.

The wear time on these was good - 10 hours easy over primer, no creasing or fading.

Lise Watier tartantastique Fall 2013 Collection - Quatuor Eyeshadow Quartet in Les Mauves
Left to right: Swatched clockwise from top right corner of the palette.
I thought this palette might be similar to the Les Vins palette I reviewed previously, but overall it is cooler, with a broader range of finishes, and with a creamier, more pigmented texture. Colour-wise, I found the closest similarity to be between the blue-violet in this palette and the indigo blue in the Les Vins palette, which is swatched below for comparison.

Violet from Les Mauves on the left, indigo from Les Vins on the right.

Availability: At Lise Watier counters at Pharmparix/SDM, Jean Coutu, The Bay (including, as well as from Price is 32$ CAD/USD.

Pros: Intensely creamy texture, excellent payoff, superior blendability and great wear. Nice balance of textures, and more vivid and neutral shades.

Cons: Aside from it being more cool-toned and perhaps a bit more difficult to wear on very warm complexions, I can't think of one.

(This item was provided by the brand/PR to be considered for review. This post is not sponsored or compensated.)


  1. For some reason this collection isn't calling my name. I swatched these again yesterday and although they are nice shades they don't really go with what I have in mind as far as new clothes I want to get but I must say that the dark taupe is really stunning.

    1. It's definitely not the classic shade range one thinks of when it comes to Fall. :)

      What sort of colours are you feeling?

  2. I'd love to try this brand, I don't think we can get it in the uk? Beautiful shades, lovely written post xx

    1. I hope they do expand their distribution! Maybe one of the UK site will pick them up eventually?

      And thank you!

  3. Gorgeous palette! I haven't been swept away by Lise Watier as you know, for whatever reason, but this makes me want to give the brand a real shot. Lovely swatches and review Maggie!


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