August 13, 2013

Annabelle Quad (Quatuor) Eyeshadow - Chai Chai Chai

If I were to go back (waaaaayyyyy back) in time to the beginnings of my makeup obsession passion,  Annabelle would be front and center. This Montreal native brand was the go-to for a lot of girls like me who started out wearing a little shimmer shadow surreptitiously swept on the eyelid. The budget-friendly price point held a lot of appeal as well. Fast-forward a couple of decades, and Annabelle is still completely awesome, and the Gleam eyeshadow remains one of my favourite highlighter shades.

They recently came out with a range of Eyeshadow Quads, and I was especially taken by the tester of Chai Chai Chai at the display. It swatched SO beautifully. It was also on sale for about 8$ - for 4 nice-sized eyeshadows. was basically begging to come home with me.

Does the packaging remind you of the Sephora Colorful Palettes? Minus one eyeshadow and about 20$, of course. And with significantly nicer textures and payoff than I've generally found in the Sephora versions. The plastic casing is simple and basic, and my palette did have a tendency of sticking, needing a bit of force to pop it open. I don't know if that's unusual though.

The shades all work well together and should look amazing with blue eyes. The light bronze is a nice crease shade, but also makes for a good base colour if you want to do a simple day look. The peachy orange is lovely for punching up a warm-toned look.

From bottom left corner, counter-clockwise through the palette.
Yep. Smooth, almost creamy, with excellent pigmentation - everything I would want from an eyeshadow, and for a decent price. All three shades have a similar shimmer finish. I had no issues applying these - no fallout, same pan-to-lid intensity and good wear overall. There was a bit of fading around the 8-9 hour mark, visible mostly around the base of the lashes, but no creasing.

I know that bronze shades, especially shimmery ones, tend to have the best payoff and textures across the board, so I'm not surprised this palette was selected to be the tester in the display. Seeing the great quality here, I'm very tempted to get at least a couple of the others in the series.

Availability: At most drugstores, as well as Suggested price is 10.95$ but can vary by store and sale pricing.

Pros: Great texture, fantastic payoff, easy blending and application. Colours work perfectly together. Very nice value for the amount and quality of the product.

Cons: Packaging is is a little hard to open for whatever reason.

(I purchased this item at Pharmaprix.)


  1. Beautiful shades here Maggie, no doubt! I love me a good golden-bronzey palette. I think I have a few similar shades to replicate this but I'm going to have to investigate the other palettes and see what's up :)

    1. No doubt you have something similar in your stash. ;)

      I'm really curious to try at least one of the other ones, to see of the quality holds up. Bronzy golds are relatively easy to get right. Purple? Not so much.


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