July 23, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Powder (Review and Swatches)

You guys know I'm a sucker for package deals right? Like a comedienne once said, it's a particular twist of the female brain that gets us to buy the thing we don't want in order to get the thing we don't need.

In this case, though, I really wanted to try the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, especially since I love the Revlon Colorstay and I has seen some reviews comparing this one to the YSL Teint Eclat (which I am lemming like cupcakes). When I saw the powder packaged with it in a BOGO deal at my local Jean Coutu, I snatched it right up.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation 130 Shell and Powder in Light review swatches
Nearly Naked Foundation in 130 Shell.
Nearly Naked Powder in Light.

Revlon Nearly Naked Powder Light review swatches
Nearly Naked Powder in Light
There was a limited selection and I feared that the shade would be a touch too pink or peach for me, but it was in fact a little yellow-toned. Not enough to make a difference once it was blended, but these seem to run more yellow compared to the beige undertones of the Colorstay formulation.

The packaging is clean, fresh and precise, and again a marked counterpoint to the all-black packaging typical of the rest of the Revlon line. Two minor nitpicks - the foundation is screw-cap on a glass bottle, which I don't love for both hygiene and practical reasons, and the powder compact lacks a mirror, yet it made larger due to a largely extraneous puff.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation 130 Shell review swatches
Nearly Naked Foundation in 130 Shell, drop swatch above and blended in below.
The foundation is quite liquid, and applies lightly and easily. I opted to forgo the beauty blender, which soaked up too much of the lightweight texture, and experimented with using both fingers and buffer brush - both worked well, though I feel like I got the best level of coverage and the most natural look with my hands. I would consider this light coverage, not overly buildable. Maybe to a medium.

It gives natural satin finish and while it doesn't have the powerhouse wear of Colorstay (though few things do!), it will make it 8 hours with only minor breakdown around the nose if you have my typical combination skin. I've only tried the Teint Éclat in the store so I can't compare them in-depth, but Teint Éclat felt and look dewier and "cushier".

If you have slightly oily or slightly dry skin, and prefer a light, softly glowy-finish foundation, this is a very nice option at a decent price.

Nearly Naked Powder in Light, swatched.
I was a little less fond of the powder. The texture is incredibly smooth, finely-milled and silky - it feels like it should blend into the skin seamlessly. Instead it looks noticeably powdery when first applied, and for a while afterwards, even though it has a very faint sheen. As the powderiness fades as the natural oils come through, the powder melds better with the underlying foundation and complements it. I think dry skin might not like the initial powderiness, while oilier skin might have a problem with how little it actually ends up mattifying. However, if you just want something to set your makeup and prefer a natural glow to come through (and can deal with some initial texture issues) then this is fine.

To give you an idea of the coverage and finish, here is a comparison. I am only wearing the Nearly Naked Foundation and Powder as far as skin makeup is concerned.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Powder review swatches

Also wearing: Flower Beauty Smoke and Mirrors Quad on the eyes.

Availability: Most drugstores, including Jean Coutu and Pharmaprix/SDM. Prices vary, though I generally see the foundation for 15-18$ CAD. It is 9.99$ USD at Ulta.

Pros: Lightweight, natural/luminous finish foundation that generally wears well throughout the day. After some settling, the powder is a good complement to the finish of the foundation, and has a lovely texture to the touch. Decent range of colours for light to medium skin, especially if you run to the warmer, more yellow undertones.

Cons: Foundation is not particularly buildable, and packaging is not optimal for hygiene or function. Powder is...well, powdery, and obvious on the skin, though it does settle after a while.

(I purchased both of these items as a BOGO deal from Jean Coutu.)

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