July 25, 2013

Dior Birds of Paradise Summer 2013 - Nude Tan Paradise Coral Glow Blush and Bronzer Duo

Wooosh. Posting this one under the wire, as the Dior Fall collection is almost upon us. The Dior Nude Tan Paradise Coral Glow is so pretty it deserves some ogling, no matter how belated.


Dior Nude Tan Paradise  Coral Glow Blush and Bronzer Duo Birds of Paradise Summer 2013

If you're a sucker for detail like I am, then you'll appreciate all the little touches that make this compact outstanding. Everything from the canage pattern on the exterior of the palette that is repeated in the raised pattern of the lettering, to the little (and perfectly usable!) brush that tags along. 

Dior Nude Tan Paradise  Coral Glow Blush and Bronzer Duo Birds of Paradise Summer 2013

This is a beautiful blush/bronzer duo, and no less so on the skin than it is in the pan. One side is a light, golden-toned bronzer that looks supremely natural on light-to-medium skin like mine. It's not deep enough to work well as a contour, but with something as golden and luminous as this, you'd be doing it (and yourself) a disservice to use it as anything other than bronzer. It's meant to give your skin that lovely burnished glow. The effect is subtle and beautiful - very difficult to overdo.

Because of the very warm undertone, however, I would be wary of using on truly ivory skin, as it will tend to look sallow.

The blush, on the other hand, is easier to overdo. When I was testing this out in the store, the SA applied it and immediately reached for another brush to blend it out. We were NOT expecting the HI I'M CORAL WANT TO BE MY FRIEND levels of pigment. It was...intense. Applied with a soft brush, however, this is a very wearable, vibrant coral pink that is stunning on both lighter and tanned skin. In fact, it looks best when you apply the bronzer across the cheeks, and then add a pop of the coral right at the high point of the cheekbone and blend back. It gives the effect of having spent the day at the beach, without the actual sunburn.

Dior Nude Tan Paradise  Coral Glow Blush and Bronzer Duo Birds of Paradise Summer 2013

Both sides have a wee bit of shimmer, which reads more like "sheen of good health" than "blinded by the light". The texture - like many Dior powders in my experience - is soft, silky, finely-milled and a dream to blend. The wear time is about average - some fading around hour 6, but not to a degree that needs touching up. (Though you'll take the excuse to whip out the beautiful compact anyway.)

Both shades blended together give a warmer, more apricot-leaning shade that is just made for warm-toned redheads.

Dior Nude Tan Paradise  Coral Glow Blush and Bronzer Duo Birds of Paradise Summer 2013
Bronzer and blush sides separately, swatched more heavily.

Both sides blended and applied with a brush.
Availability: Still available on The Bay website, and possibly some Bay and Sephora locations. Price is 56$ CAD and USD.

Pros: Stunning packaging and luxurious detail. Brush is small, travel-friendly and usuable. Shades are perfect for light to medium complexions, though the bronzer is best on warmer undertones. Texture is fine-milled and very blendable. Great pigmentation.

Cons: Wear time is average, and there is shimmer, if that's a concern. But I'm nitpicking.

(I purchased this item from Pharmaprix/SDM.)


  1. This so pretty!! Love the colors but the packaging it is so beautiful!!
    Thanks so much for sharing it!!

    1. Right???? I love this compact so much. :D

  2. I regret not getting this. *sigh*
    Over-dramatic, much? :D


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