May 03, 2013

Off to The Makeup Show in New York!

I'm so excited! I'm actually just packing right now for my trip to The Makeup Show, which takes place in New York over this weekend. I went a couple of years ago and it was an absolutely amazing experience - the shopping was insane, but the workshops with leading pros in the field were even better. Sadly, I don't have the funds to do the workshops this time around (my entire budget is going towards purchasing this year), but there will be a jillion free seminars and some incredible keynote addresses to sit in on as well.

To give you an idea, these are the brands that will be exhibiting:

These are the free seminars available:

SUNDAY, May 5th TH       
Seminar A – 1st Floor10:00- 10:45    Learn How to Control the Shine but Keep The Glow- Bp Carmouché for Inglot Cosmetics

11:15- 12:00    Designing Brows from Realway to Runway- Eugenia Weston for Senna Cosmetics

12:30- 1:15      The Art of Contour-Jenny Rostami for Make Up For Ever

1:45- 2:30        Airbrushing the Beauty and the Beast for Beautiful Creatures – Fionagh Cush for Temptu Pro

3:00- 3:45        NARS: Modern, Audacious, Iconic – Cindy Rodriguez for Nars Cosmetics

4:15- 5:00        Creating the Flawless 15 Minute Face, does your kit have what it takes? Brandalyn Fulton for 
Face Atelier

5:00-5:45         Sexy Summer and The Youngblood Difference- Liliana Pennington for Youngblood Mineral   
Seminar Space B – 1st Floor           
9:45- 10:30      Makeup Not War- David Stella for Ellis Faas

11:00- 11:45    A/W 2013 Back Stage Trends - Courtney Tichman and Valerie P. Hernandez for OCC Makeup

12:15- 1:00      Era Reinterpreted – Keri Blair for MAC Cosmetics

1:30- 2:15        HD Makeup for the Modern Bride- Dani Fonseca for Mehron

2:45- 3:30        Forming Long Lasting Skin Preparations-Ofra Gaito for Ofra Cosmetics

4:00- 4:45        Brushes 101-Orlando Santiago for Crown Brush

Seminar C- 2nd Floor          
9:30- 10:15      Kit Focus – James Vincent, Orlando Santiago and Jon Hennessey for The Makeup Show

10:30- 11:15    Blending Italian Style-Stefania Ghidoni for Layla Cosmetics

12:00- 1:30      Red Carpet Revolution- Beau Nelson

2:00- 300         Building a Brand-Eve Pearl

3:15- 4:00        High Definition Bridal Flawless Finish- Buntricia Bastian for Pinnacle Cosmetics

MONDAY, MAY 6TH                   
Seminar A – 1st Floor          
9:45- 10:30      Tracking Trends- Fall 2013 – Kevin James Bennett for Naked Cosmetics

11:00- 11:45    Brow Blocking For Couture Creations – Sheila McKenna for Kett Cosmetics

12:15- 1:00      Studio Trend: Color Saturation-Lori Taylor for Smashbox

1:30- 2:15        Double Duty Beauty – Cory Bishop for Stila Cosmetics

2:45- 3:30        Runway & Red Carpet Trends -Dan Sharp for T3 Micro

4:00- 4:45       Alcone at Home- Alcone Company

Seminar B – 1st Floor          
9:30-10:15       Local 798- How to Get Into the Union? – Valerie Galdstone

10:45-11:30     Bridal Makeup, start with airbrush, finish with classic techniques – Renolyn Monteloyola for Graftobian Make-Up

12:00-12:45     Makeup Application for All Types of Skin Discolorations-Maurice Stein for Cinema Secrets

1:15-2:00         Celebrity Makeup Tricks of the Trade – Sher Salzman for Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

2:30- 3:15        Vintage Beauty -Nikoletta Skarlatos for Julie Hewett Los Angeles at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium

3:45- 4:30        Makeup for Entrepreneurs – Erik Kaser for GlamCor    

Seminar C – 2nd Floor        
9:15-10:00    Bridal Bootcamp- Esterique Aidan for The Makeup Show

10:15-11:00  Advancing Your Makeup Career with Airbrushing – Nicky Posley for Temptu Pro

11:30-12:15   Creating Beauty: Color Impact -Jenn Karsten for Make Up For Ever

1:00-2:00      The Next Big Thing with Crystal Wright and Michael DeVellis

2:45-3:30       Student? Graduate? What’s next? – Danessa Myricks for The Makeup Show

And then these are the Keynote Forums:

Represent: Understanding the Relationship of Artist and Agent -Pati Dubroff & Brooke Wall
Sunday, May 5 2013- 10:30 – 12:00
The relationship between an artist and their agent is one of the most important in the industry. In a business where deals are brokered daily and there are more artists working than ever before, it is crucial to sign with an agency that is in the know. In this first time keynote at The Makeup Show, Celebrity Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff and Brooke Wall, Founder and CEO of The Wall Group, give you insider information about the when, why, and how of finding an agent, getting signed, and building the best relationship possible. The Wall Group was founded in 1998 by Brooke and is now a fully integrated agency that focuses on providing its talent with the most effective and well-executed representation.  The Wall Group represents some of the biggest names in the business, including Pati Dubroff. In this session Brooke and Pati will discuss their thoughts on the relationship between artist and agent, and speak from their own experience in the fashion and beauty industries. They will share their insight on the industry today, and offer their expert advice to artists and assistants looking to be signed.

Iconic Artistry-Gina Brooke Sponsored by Make Up For Ever
Sunday, May 5 2013 – 1:00-2:30
Finding your muse, learning to research, and expressing inspiration are just a few essential parts to becoming a successful makeup artist. In this special session, renowned make up artist, Gina Brooke, offers her perspective on the do’s and don’ts of the make up industry as well as useful advice to help elevate any artist’s career to the next level. Gina’s diverse experience in the industry and her passion for creating iconic beauty over passing trend has cemented her as the go to artist for incomparable names in the industry like Madonna, Steven Klein, and David LaChapelle, to name a few. The stories and information that Gina has to share will allow you to see just how successful make up artists can be in so many different areas of the industry and will give you insight and incentive on developing your own makeup style and paving your own path to success.

An Artists Perspective- How to thrive in an always changing Fashion Industry
Brigitte Reiss-Andersen
Sunday, May 5 2013 – 3:30-5:00
As one of the industry’s most respected makeup artists, Brigitte Reiss-Andersen works at the highest level in the worlds of fashion and celebrity. With over 200 magazine covers to her credit, Brigitte is known for her refinement, creative expression, range, and virtuosity of technique. Having worked with a who’s who of photographers including Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, Patrick Demarchelier, Michael Thompson and Annie Leibovitz, Brigitte’s signature looks are regularly seen in Vogue, Numéro, Allure, Glamour and Marie-Claire. In her first time at The Makeup Show Brigitte will share with us the story of her career, let us in on some of her favorite tips and show us some of the techniques that have made her the makeup artist of choice. With her roster of luminaries and celebrity clients including twenty one Oscar winning actresses, Grammy winners and leading ladies like Michelle Pfeiffer, Tilda Swinton, Hilary Swank and Taylor Swift Brigitte is considered a true makeup master. Known for her experience, eloquence and passion Brigitte will inspire all artists to further develop their own skills and motivate them to find their own path to success in the makeup industry.

Humanizing Glamour: The Art of Transformation with Mathu Andersen - Sponsored by Make Up For Ever
Monday, May 6 2013 10:00-11:30
This inspirational session will delve deep into the world of transformative make up. The concept of transforming a face is something that most make up artists have the opportunity to apply on some level, to every area of their work on a daily basis. Correcting an eye shape here, or placing that perfect contour there, to create your client’s ideal look. But not many artists have the opportunity to truly transform a face to the extent that Mathu Andersen has become legendary for doing. Known for his incredible work with celebrities like RuPaul, Gwen Stefani, Janet Jackson, and Christina Aguilera, Mathu will to take you on an exciting journey, explaining and demonstrating what transformation in makeup means to him. He will help to push your creative boundaries, inspiring you to look at the human face in new ways and is sure to excite you about the potential and power of makeup.

Impact: Social Media and the Internet in the Beauty Business
Monday, May 6 2013 - 12:00-1:30
Changes driven by the internet have made an enormous impact on how we work in every area of our industry from education to promotion and above. Social media, speed of communication, and access to information have made building a personal business more simple and more complicated than ever before. In this keynote forum hosted by Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey Internet and social media experts that have made their mark on the world of makeup offer an insiders expertise on the internet, insight on the power of online presence and an understanding of how it can help you to better build your artistry business while managing to hold onto integrity. Please join Nils Johnson technology whiz and Creator of, On Air Beauty Expert and Publisher and Editor In Chief of TheMakeupGirl Lianne Farbes and Publisher and Editor in Chief for ThisThatBeauty and beauty/ style writer, Felicia Walker Benson as they give the real information on the internet and how it can help you to better build your artistry business.

Behind the Scenes – Dick PageMonday, May 6 2013 – 2:00-3:30With a resume that includes a who’s who of photographers such as Michael Thompson, Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for International publications including WHarper’s Bazaar and Vogue Dick Page has achieved widespread recognition for his editorial and advertising work. His role as Artistic Director of Shiseido Makeup and his backstage presence as Key Artist for iconic designers runways including Michael Kors, Narciso Rodriguez, and Marc by Marc Jacobs have solidified his place as a makeup master. His influence is felt internationally and he is an inspiration for artists everywhere. In his first time keynote at The Makeup Show, Dick will offer insight into the collaborative process and explain how his designs translate from inspiration to application and then on to become the must wear makeup trends of the season, although he insists that he “doesn’t believe in trends”, so he’ll have something to say about that too!. Dick will also offer invaluable insight and advice for the artist that wants to work in those coveted positions backstage and be behind the scenes at fashion weeks all over the world.

Kit Focus: The Makeup Show Artists: James Vincent, Jon Hennessy and Orlando SantiagoSunday, May 5 2013 – 9:30-10:15
The Makeup Shows Director of Artistry James Vincent presents his most popular seminar with a panel made up of The Makeup Show Artists team, some of the best in the business giving insight and ideas on building the best kit and offering the what, why and how of assembling the ideal makeup kit.  Whether you are a veteran in the industry or just starting out this seminar will save you money, time, and a bad back by exploring how to make the most out of what you have while bringing the least amount of makeup to set.

Red Carpet Revolution – Beau Nelson
Sunday, May 5 2013 – 12:00 – 1:30
Award season shows us celebrities at their best and brings us trend for upcoming seasons but a lot of people are playing it safe. Makeup artist Beau Nelson brings you beyond the boring. Giving you insight into his makeup mind that has him pushing beyond the basic pretty makeup of other celebrities and giving his clients including Nicole Richie, Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively some of the most talked about makeup looks of the season. In this keynote Beau shares with you his thought behind designing a daring makeup look and shows you how to incorporate these trends into your everyday makeup look.

Building a Brand – Eve PearlSunday, May 5 2013 – 2:00-3:00Makeup Master, Brand Owner, Celebrity Artist, Educator and 5 time Emmy Award winner Eve Pearl has made a name for herself as one of the best in the business. As Creator and Founder of EVE PEARL she has managed to make her eponymous line a must have for makeup artists and enthusiast everywhere. In this exciting presentation Eve will share the story of how she started the EVE PEARL brand from the ground up (out of her apartment, with NO investors) and offer insight into the pros and cons of starting a makeup line. Listen in as Eve details how to develop and choose products that look and feel unique with innovative packaging and reveals some tips to set you apart from the thousands of makeup lines on the market. Eve will also discuss the impact of social media on the makeup business; disclose the best practices in strategic marketing give you some ideas on developing your own brand to help build your name and business. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own makeup brand this presentation is one you should not miss.

The Next Big Thing – Crystal Wright and Michael DeVellisMonday, May 6 2013 – 1:00- 2:00In an industry that is always growing there are more artists competing for jobs than ever before. Understanding the professional aspects of the industry is more important than ever. The Makeup Show LA presents two industry titans, brought together to help you learn to take your career to a new echelon and better understand how your artistry must partner with a mastering of the career building side of the business. Crystal Wright and Michael DeVellis come together to take you through the basics of social media and on-line communication, the importance of business materials, an understanding of on set etiquette and how appropriately crafting and creating the right relationships can take you to the next level. Head to head, mano a mano these two industry heavyweights will answer your questions in the no nonsense manner they are known for. With many years of industry insider experience, Crystal Wright of Crystal Wright Live is known for her straight talking take on making it as a makeup artist. Her book Hair, Makeup and Fashion Styling Career Guide has become a bible for artists working today. As the owner of The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine, Michael is known for his development of education and resources for our artist’s community. Together they will tell you what you need to know to take control and set your career on the right path. They will be answering questions in a debate style format where they deliberate, examine, entertain and answer questions from a live audience and from previously received questions sent via social media.

DICK FREAKING PAGE Y'ALL. Ok, so maybe excited is an understatement. :P

If this interests you, it's not too late to get tickets at the door! You do need to show credentials as a professional in the industry.

Check out the details here: Or else take a look at the other Show dates in Chicago and Orlando later this year. (And if you look under the Education tab, you can see the paid workshops offered as well.)

See you guys next week!


  1. Anonymous8.5.13

    bummer, i'm still out of town when the makeup show hits Chicago! the list of brands participating looks pretty good - for some reason, I didn't think it was that good last year? but maybe i looked at it too early in the process before they confirmed brands!

    1. I looked at the exhibitor list for Chicago, and it is a bit smaller, though most of the "big" brands are there.


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