April 04, 2013

Pupa Glossy Lips Ultra Shine Lip Gloss - 300 Very Nude, 201 Pink Diamond, and 403 Shimmering Ruby

Wow, this post brings back some memories. Back many a moon ago, I had a different beauty blog (which shall remain nameless), and one of the very first products I reviewed was from Pupa.  I had a strange and wonderful moment when I unpacked the box that was sent to me and saw the familiar glossy red bag with the Pupa label.

If you're not familiar with the name, I don't blame you - Pupa is an Italian brand that seems to fly a little under the radar. It's distributed throughout Europe and in Canada, but has yet to reach US shores. It can be found in most drugstore here in Quebec, albeit in the prestige section of their makeup departments, as well as online at eBeauty.com. They have some really fun products, especially their baked mineral eyeshadows and blushes, which would hold their own in a slapfight with MAC's, no problem.

This was my first time trying out their lip products, and I was intrigued by the press package claims for the Glossy Lips, which promised extreme brightness and enamel-like shine, vibrant, "gellified" pigments, and the nourishing effects of argan oil.

At far as exteriors go, I like the packaging. The tubes are nice and substantial, and remind me a bit of the Buxom glosses, though without that slight curve. In fact, I kept reaching for my Buxom gloss when I meant to be getting one of these during my testing process.

Pupa Glossy Lips Ultra Shine Lip Gloss 300 Very Nude 201 Pink Diamond 403 Shimmering Ruby
Bottom to top: 300 Very Nude, 201 Pink Diamond, 403 Shimmering Ruby

Pupa Glossy Lips Ultra Shine Lip Gloss 300 Very Nude 201 Pink Diamond 403 Shimmering Ruby
Bottom to top: 300 Very Nude, 201 Pink Diamond, 403 Shimmering Ruby

The Glossy Lips are a new product in the Pupa lip family, and also boast a new style of flocked applicator - with a flatter profile and a rounded tip, it allows for a precise application.

I think that these glosses stand up quite well for the claims made for them. They do indeed impart a high-gloss, almost vinyl-like finish that stays glossy for a good two hours before starting to dry down. They have a slight plumping effect, either from the high-gloss finish or the moisturizing ingredients. They are scented - something quite gourmand, like vanilla cake.

I also loved that none of these bled or wandering beyond the lipline, which for a red gloss especially is fantastic. They were sticky, but not MAC Lipglass levels, and felt comfortable to wear despite that - you just need to be careful about your hair. Though not quite balm-like, the level of hydration was greater than what I normally get from most glosses, so that argan oil is really in there doing its thing.

There are 16 shades listed on the Italian Pupa website, though my press info only lists 11, so there may be some shades that are not available in Canada. There are also no names listed in my info, so I have added the ones from the site to their corresponding number. Just be aware that there may be variations if you are shopping in Europe versus Canada.

The three that I tried all performed similarly, so it's just a question of shade preference. The 300 Very Nude is a milky nude that is not so beige as to give me corpse mouth. Because of the milkiness, it can look a little streaky over bare lips, but over a lipstick, it finishes off the perfect Kim Kardashian nude lip. It was the least vinyl-like of the three, probably also due to that creaminess.

The 201 Pink Diamond has a sheer base with silvery-pink micro glitter. It's a lot less disco on the lips than I thought it would be, and great for topping off a deeper shade underneath. The 403 Shimmering Ruby is my favourite, a raspberry red with a teeny hint of shimmer. I love that it stays put and fades to a rosy stain.

Here are the shades in Natural daylight and in the sun. From top down: 403 Shimmering Ruby, 201 Pink Diamond, 300 Very Nude.

Pupa Glossy Lips Ultra Shine Lip Gloss 300 Very Nude 201 Pink Diamond 403 Shimmering RubyPupa Glossy Lips Ultra Shine Lip Gloss 300 Very Nude 201 Pink Diamond 403 Shimmering Ruby

And swatched on my lips, same order. Looking at them in a row like that, I think I may have to revise myself and say that the 201 Pink Diamond is strangely appealing.

Pupa Glossy Lips Ultra Shine Lip Gloss 403 Shimmering Ruby

Pupa Glossy Lips Ultra Shine Lip Gloss 201 Pink Diamond

Pupa Glossy Lips Ultra Shine Lip Gloss 300 Very Nude

So what about you guys? Have you tried anything from Pupa? If so, what do you think? I am personally coveting the 50s Dream Spring collection. Hey, it's vintage themed AND they have a baby teal liner. I'm easy. ;)

Though the tutorial videos have played their part in sucking me in. I can watch that lovely man speak about makeup in Italian all day.

Availability: Most drugstores like Jean Coutu and Uniprix. (It doesn't appear to be online at eBeauty.com yet.) Price is 20$ CAD.

Pros: Super shiny finish, visual plumping effect, argan oil adds hydration. Pigmentation is good, and both the applicator and the formula make it easy to apply precisely and keep the lipline clean.

Cons: Moderately sticky finish. Sweet scent may be off-putting.

(The items were sent to me by the brand to consider for review. This post is not sponsored or compensated.)


  1. Anonymous5.4.13

    God.....you are bringing me wayyyyyyy back with this brand; back when I was in my early teens (or thereabouts), I bought one of my first "high end" lipsticks, a Pupa shade, from an aesthetician, as they were not available at ANY counter at the time. When I began seeing this line at Pharmaprix, I think I must have stopped and stared stupidly at the display long enough to make the counter girls uncomfortable, lol -- couldn't help due to the memories that got churned up!

    You made me laugh out loud at your "slapfight" line - never heard it put that way before, but I'm definitely going to use it!

    I think I like the shimmery pink one best as well - seems to offer everything: a hint of colour and some gentle sparkle!

    1. Lol! I like to imagine my makeup engaging in fisticuffs. :P

      It's funny the memories something as seemingly 'silly' as makeup will turn up, eh? I had a similar moment going into The Body Shop the other day, and smelling their new Satsuma perfume. Ah, that brought me right back to 1993, when it was my go-to shower gel.

  2. I actually tried Pupa too, back about 10 years ago! They used to be sold in Shoppers, but then disappeared. Love that they're back, I always enjoyed their makeup. I'll have to keep an eye out for the brand now - these lipglosses sound quite nice :)

    1. I think I do recall seeing them at SDM a loooong time ago. They're available at the other major drugstore chains here in Quebec, I'm not altogether certain about the rest of Canada. it seems like they are trying to distribute them a little more readily, though.


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