April 16, 2013

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinishes - Definitely Defined and Shape the Future

If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you know what a fan I am of the gélée tribrid texture that both Estée Lauder and Mac have starting featuring in the last couple of years. (If you're new to this blog - welcome! -  and feel free to take a gander at my previous reviews featuring these types of products here.) So of course I had to snatch up the more interesting looking items from the MAC Extra Dimension collection as soon as it was available to order. And seeing as how disappointed I've been with some previous MAC collections, you have to know that ordering sight-unseen indicates a lot of faith that these would be awesome.

These are two of the three Skinfinishes available in this collection. (The third is more golden bronze, and I already have a few highlighters in that family, and for once I exercised restraint.)

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinishes - Definitely Defined and Shape the Future
Right to left: Definitely Defined, Shape the Future

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinishes - Definitely Defined MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinishes -  Shape the Future

These are definitely beautiful to look at, and I love that MAC has expanded upon the aesthetic that they introduced with the last Extra Dimension collection in a way that makes the duo colour feature both functional and pleasing to the eye. The wear time is good one both of these, about 8 hours or so, and they are highly pigmented, with that peculiar dry-soft texture that applies smoothly and blends or buffs out beautifully. If you are inclined to wear these wet (perhaps for an eye look), the metallic or frost finish is amplified, as well as opacity.

The finish varies somewhat between the two parts of each Skinfinish. Definitely Defined two parts have a more similar finish across the board. The flat portion is a highly metallic silver-pink white that has to be used judiciously as a complexion product, as it emphasizes skin texture dramatically. I personally prefer to use it as an inner eye corner highlight, rather than on my cheekbones, unless I'm going for a particular look. The raised portion is a pale pink that is less metallic, and works a little more easily as a highlighter. Both of them can be applied very lightly with a small fluffy brush for a more discreet effect - but discreet is relative. This is distinct shimmer, not a micro-sheen. Absolutely beautiful, regardless.

Swatches below are in natural light and in the sun.

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinishes - Definitely Defined

Shape The Future has an equally shimmery flat portion, a pale peachy pink that is very similar in effect to the raised portion of Definitely Definied. The raised portion is less shimmery, and applied to the skin, it actually reads a lot more satiny. It is also pigmented like CRAZY. This is a shade that is bound to look stunning on deeper, warmer skin tones. If you are paler, use a light hand and a fluffy brush to buff it in, unless you prefer a bolder look. The colour can be a little harder to pull off if you have pinkier undertones, a brick shade that can look like sunburned skin.

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinishes - Shape the Future

I have to say that all of the shades are unique in my collection, especially when combined with both the pigmentation level and the finish.  I pulled a few other gélée-textured highlighters, as well as a couple of MAC MSFs, to see if there was anything comparable.

MAC Definitely Defined,MAC  Suberb, Estée Lauder Shimmering Sands, MAC Redhead MSF, MAC Stereo Rose MSF, MAC Shape the Future
Clockwise from top left corner: MAC Definitely Defined,MAC  Suberb, Estée Lauder Shimmering Sands, MAC Redhead MSF, MAC Stereo Rose MSF, MAC Shape the Future.

MAC Definitely Defined,MAC  Suberb, Estée Lauder Shimmering Sands
Left to right: Superb, Definitely Defined (flat and raised), Shimmering Sands.

 MAC Redhead MSF, MAC Stereo Rose MSF, MAC Shape the Future
Left to right: Shape the Future (flat and raised), Redhead MSF, Stereo Rose MSF.

Shimmering Sands and Superb are actually both closer to each other than anything else here. Both Redhead and Stereo Rose are somewhat similar to a mix of the two sides of Shape the Future, but neither of them blend as smoothly or last as long.

Availability: Currently on the MAC website, as well as in stores. They are selling quickly, however. Price is 35$ CAD.

Pros: Intense pigmentation, smooth, very blendable and variable texture. Unique shades, depending on your collection. Shape the Future is excellent for warm to deep tones, both as a highlight and blush.

Cons: High frost/metallic finish may limit application, as it will emphasize skin texture.

(I purchased these items from MAC.)


  1. These actually remind me of the dinky Body Shop ones that I just reviewed. The shades of the two compacts are similar (frosty white/pink & beige/bronze). The surface designs are gorgeous, though! When it comes to highlighters, I favour a more yellowy golden tone which are more difficult to find that one would think. Did you pick up Estee Lauder Heat Wave? I think you should. ;)

    1. They are similar! I think the these probably lean more metallic though, aside from the deep shade in Shape the Future.

      I didn't pick heat Wave up - it seemed like it might be too similar to Whisper of Gilt. Which, by the by, is a yellow-gold highlighter. :P

  2. I am the same as Liz, I do favor a more yellowed tone in my highlighters just due to my skintone - I have Shimmering Sands and it can give me a sunburned look if I'm not careful - SO, I probably wouldn't go for these, but I'll hold out hope that maybe some more appropriate shades will come up one day :D

    1. Oh, I'm sure they'll have something down the line that will be perfect. ;) Do you have Whisper of Gilt or the Bare Minerals highlighters from this past Holiday?

  3. Hello! How does MAC Definitely Defined blended compare to Superb I missed Superb and I am trying to find a dupe! Thanks! :)


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