March 11, 2013

My week in Youtube - Haul, Drugstore Lip Palette and Perfume Collection

I just posted a youtube video featuring my most recent acquisitions. Can I just say that the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks are by far my favourite drugstore lipsticks? The cream finish ones, anyway. Also, if you're keen to see me almost have a coronary due to a makeup mishap...

If you like to travel with multiple lip options but don't have room for 7 tubes of lipstick, this drugstore version of a lip palette might be an option for you. Also works for those annoying little last bits of lipstick, where you want to throw out the tube but don't want to waste the product.

And then there's my perfume collection. Yeah. (Of course, I completely forgot to include one of the clips, so my Arcana perfumes box is missing.)

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  1. Is your perfume video no longer available? My favorite part of your makeup collection was all the BPAL; would love to see you talk through some of it! Thanks so much.


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