February 06, 2013

Lise Watier - Pastel Power Illuminating Beads

Lise Watier recently launched their Spring "Pastel Power" collection in stores, and, like a moth to a flame, I was immediately drawn in by the super-feminine packaging. When I was offered a makeup application by the Lise Watier MUA at my local Pharmaprix, I jumped right in, even though pastels and I are not generally the closest of friends. She actually gave me a wonderful smoky eye with the quad in this collection (review upcoming), but I was charmed most of all by the Illuminating Beads.

See? So pretty!

Lise Watier Pastel Power Illuminating Beads Spring 2013

Lise Watier Pastel Power Illuminating Beads Spring 2013

Packaged in an adorable little mirrored container, the beads themselves are about half the size of Guerlain's Meteorites, and have a different texture all together, softer and denser than the latter.

They are also somewhat more shimmery, with the mix of pale peach, pink and aqua beads transforming to a soft, pink-leaning veil on the skin. Because of the relatively pale cast visible in the heavier swatch, I suspect this will show up ashy on deeper skin tones.

The effect is discreet, not disco ball. It is exactly the level of glow that is daytime appropriate for cheekbone or the brow, without looking frosty or glittery. It didn't emphasize the lines around my eyes when I smile. Buffed over the cheeks, it can emphasize pores if you have them, though not more so than most highlighters will.

I was surprised at how long wearing this was, as I could still see a nice glow well into the evening.

Value-wise, this is worth considering if you're lusting after the Meteorites but balking at laying down the cash. At 29$ CAD and 0.6 oz (compared to 67$ CAD for 1.05 oz), the Illuminating Beads offer more than half as much for less than half the price. The value per oz is not tremendously greater, but it is a less wince-worthy hit to the wallet.

Lise Watier Pastel Power Illuminating Beads Spring 2013 swatches
Swatched heavily from a crushed bead.

Lise Watier Pastel Power Illuminating Beads Spring 2013 swatches
Swatched using a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

Availability: At Pharmaprix/SDM, Jean Coutu, the Bay. Available for order via www.lisewatier.us if you're in the US. Price is 29$ CAD and USD.

Pros: Beautifully illuminating and daytime-wearable, lovely soft texture and instant payoff. Long-lasting. Super pretty packaging.

Cons: May be limited to lighter skin tones, does slightly emphasize pores.

(I purchased this item from Pharmaprix.)


  1. Ooh, these look so tempting, Maggie! I STILL have yet to try out illuminating balls... A Canadian version is totally justification enough, right??! :P

  2. Ugh, I want these so badly but do not need any more illuminating type products. Also not sure if I should ever enter the ballz territory since there seems to be no way out once you commit, lol.

  3. Anonymous10.2.13

    Would this be a dupe for the meteorites??:-)

    1. Not an exact dupe. I find the Meteorites generally have a drier texture and come off on the skin as silky powder with fine shimmer (or glitter, depending on the Meteorites) dusted throughout. These have a much creamier texture, with more shimmer.

  4. Do you also have Meteorites? I'd love to see a photo comparison! You say these have more shimmer than Meteorites? What about glitter/sparkle? Is the wear time about the same?

  5. Fabulous, Maggie! I've never been seduced by the Meteorites due to cost and the scent factor, but these seem like a great option on the cheap(er)! Love it!


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