February 17, 2013

Becca Beach Tint - Strawberry, Dragonfruit and Watermelon

Becca Cosmetics are known for a natural, healthy, skin-focused aesthetic - and what better to encapsulate that aesthetic than their signature product, the Beach Tint? These are supposed to be easy-peasy cream stains that can be applied to lips and cheeks for natural colour and water-resistant wear.

Since I've recently become obsessed with cream blushes, I knew I had to give these a try.

I purchased Dragonfruit and Watermelon, and received Strawberry as part of a Gift With Purchase special. (Strawberry doesn't appear to be around anymore, on either the Becca site or Sephora.)

I was a little taken aback by the small size of the squeeze tubes (which are smaller than the OCC Lip Tar tubes). It turns out they're small but mighty. I only needed the tiniest amount to do both my cheeks and to use as lipstick.

The texture of the Tints is a mix of cream and gel, and the fluid can become separated (pressing the tube a few times between the fingers mixes everything back together, much like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance or the Lip Tars).

They appear very dewy when first applied, but as they dry down, there is no tackiness or texture left over - just a stain. Despite the fact that they set quickly, I didn't find them overly tricky to apply. I think that fluid-cream texture makes them really easy to blend. If you goof, just go over the edges with the brush you used for foundation.

The final effect is a supremely natural, flushed cheek - luminous without any shimmer. What's nice about this product is that you can layer it to incredible intensity without sacrificing texture. It works beautifully to create a sunburnt surfer-girl cheek, or the softest English-rose complexion. (Fans of Downtown Abbey, take note.)

Watermelon is a warmer-toned pink that livens up the skin. Dragonfruit is a gorgeous poppy pink that goes on way more mellow than expected, unless you layer it. Strawberry was a more difficult shade for me personally to carry off, but I think it would look lovely on a creamy-skinned redhead.

All of the shades appear more opaque on the lips. You can see me wearing Watermelon in my previous review for the Becca Skin Perfector and Radiant Foundation.


These are great as lip stains as well. They dry down completely matte and feel like you're wearing nothing at all. I found them a bit drying to wear alone for long, but that's fine, because they are an excellent base to wear under gloss.

The wear time as a blush was great - 8 to 10 hours easy. As a lip stain, they lasted until a meal, but looked worse for the wear after that.

A big plus for me is the way they are scented to match the fruit they are named for. This partially makes up for a packaging issue - namely, that the tubes themselves are unlabelled! The boxes come with the name, but the tubes themselves do not. I panicked when I realized I had removed them all from the boxes to take pictures and couldn't remember which was which. Thankfully I was able to match them back up with lot number, but that remains a call-out to the brand.

Availaibility: At Sephora.com and the Becca website (which only ships to the US). Price is 30$ CAD and 25$ USD.

Pros: Very easy to use, a little goes a long way. Versatile, can create a natural effect or be layered for intensity. Wears very well. Undetectable finish that looks like skin, and though matte, doesn't look dry or flat.

Cons: Tubes are not labelled with the name.

(I purchased these - and received one as a GWP - from www.beccacosmetics.com)


  1. Anonymous17.2.13

    I love these! I take these with me on holidays because they last forever on me! I don't have Strawberry, but I want it now!

    1. They seem like they'd be perfect for travel!

      Strawberry seems like it would be perfect for your colouring, but I don't see it on either website. :(

  2. Judith18.2.13

    So pretty! The Dragonfruit is my fav! Great post!

    1. Thank you! And I agree - Dragonfruit is soooo gorgeous. :)

  3. Anonymous19.2.13

    I've yet to try Becca but have heard some great things about the brand; to be honest, I usually go for powdered blushes, but lately I've been drawn to more emollient products; good to know that these dry down fairly matte. I do wish that the tube was labelled, but I usually keep all my packaging so until they change that negative, It's not enough to keep me from purchasing. I'm a little concerned about the scent though, as I don't usually prefer fruit scents with my products, but now I'm curious enough about this brand to overlook that little fact as well! Thanks for the amazing swatches, Maggie!

    1. Thank you, my friend!

      The fruity smell isn't like "DEAR GOD THE FRUIT GET IT OFF". It's noticeable when you sniff directly from the tube, and for a bit when you apply to you lips, but if you're using it as a blush it's not something that will pervade your senses. For sure worth checking out! =)

  4. I NEED these in my life! I don't have any product like it (formula-wise). I'm trying to find ways to justify buying new products buy going with ones that are different formulations so this works :P That, and I'm dying to try more Becca products! I *just* got a swap of a sample size of the Opal perfector and I'm totally in love. I want all of these shades you've shown, Maggie!!

    1. Haha! I love the reasoning we employ for our beauty purchasing needs. :P

  5. Why in the world did they discontinue Strawberry? It's my fave of the bunch!


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