January 24, 2013

Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick - Antique Rose and Rosewood

My Burberry fixation continues...

I picked up a little bit of everything from the Burberry range during my first foray into the brand, to give it a fair test. I am inordinately pleased with the lipstick I chose (Lip Cover in Antique Rose), and even more so because the amazing SA threw in a mini sample of another shade (Rosewood) when she saw me hesitating over the right shade.

Adorbs, right??

burberry antique rose rosewood lip cover soft satin lipstick

For comparison, the regular lipstick is 3.8 grams, while the sample is 0.8 grams. That's about one-fifth the size, which is nicely generous.

burberry antique rose rosewood lip cover soft satin lipstick
Top: Antique Rose Lip Cover
Bottom: Rosewood Lip Cover deluxe sample
Let me tell you, this is some pretty swanky packaging. As you may know from my previous Burberry post, I loathe paying top dollar for packaging that suggests anything but. No worries about that here - while the lipsticks don't come in those premium velvet pouches, they are packaged in the same metal casing that snaps closed with a magnetic closure. Fancy!

burberry antique rose rosewood lip cover soft satin lipstick

These are ridiculously creamy. Like the Häagen-Dazs of lipsticks, if you'll pardon the strained simile. They are so smooth to apply, with beautifully full pigmentation on the first pass. They feel hydrating on the lips, and though I can't say the long-term effect was equal to the sensation, they were not drying in the least. 

The finish is softly shiny that remains satiny as it dries, and the wear is very good, lasting until a meal but not past it. Then again, where's the displeasure in whipping out that gorgeous tube in order to re-apply?

One thing I do not enjoy is the scent - not floral, fruity or sweet, it smells like old-fashioned lipstick, or cold cream. It does dissipate, but it takes a while.

burberry antique rose rosewood lip cover soft satin lipstick swatchesburberry antique rose rosewood lip cover soft satin lipstick swatches

I am a little fanatical about nude pink lipsticks. It is the first shade that I will test from a new-to-me line, because I fell like it is the one shade every brand should get right. (Terribly self-centered of me, I know, since my ideal Nude Pink could by another lady's Washed-Out Corpse Pink.)

By "nude" I don't mean fleshtone, but rather the kind of muted pink that I wish my lips were naturally. It's the exact shade of pink that doesn't scream that you're wearing lipstick, but instantly perks u your face. Antique Rose falls squarely in that family of shades. I have some lip swatches below for you, but if you want to see a full-face picture, I'm wearing it at the bottom of this post.

burberry antique rose lip cover soft satin lipstick swatch

Rosewood is a deeper, richer shade. Still very neutral and wearable, however, and another shade-type that I tend to gravitate to.

burberry rosewood lip cover soft satin lipstick swatchburberry rosewood lip cover soft satin lipstick swatch

Availability: At Nordstrom for 30$ USD, and at select Holt Renfrew locations for 40$ CAD.

Pros: Sublimely creamy, opaque texture, very smooth application, fairly tenacious though not long-lasting finish. Slightly hydrating.

Cons: Creamy texture may feel too slick or heavy for some. Classic "lipstick" scent may be off-putting.

(I purchased Antique Rose at Nordstrom, and received Rosewood as a GWP.)


  1. These are both lovely neutral shades on you, Maggie! I also got a sample of Rosewood when I made my big Burberry order last year, along with Cameo Pink, which is a fabulous coral-pink and I want to own the full size! These are lovely, lovely lipsticks and I could easily have one of each, thankyouverymuch! :)

    1. Thank you, Toya! The samples are just the cutest thing in the world, aren't they?

      Coral-pink, eh? :D

  2. I would have been all over these shades even last year but now I'm looking at brights. Still, my lippie ban is nearly at its end and I'm thinking of celebrating with a Burberry lipstick! This post was quite inspiring, thank you. :D

    1. Aw, thank you, Liz! I don't think of brights when I think of Burberry, but they do have some vivid shades and with the punch of that pigmentation, they can definitely make for a Statement Lip. :)

  3. Judith26.1.13

    Great post! Love them both. They both look great!

  4. Anonymous27.1.13

    pretty! I love how antique rose looks on you :) I'll have to check that out. i do love the lip cover formula but wish it wasn't so heavily scented!

    1. Thank you! It's turning out to be one of my favourite lipsticks, actually. :)

      I agree, I wish they would either lighten up the scent or replace it with something else.

  5. Anonymous28.1.13

    Yay!! You got some Burberry! I have Antique Rose as well and love it. A great neutral for sure!
    Burberry is my favourite line. I just love everything they make.

    1. I did! I actually got these before the stuff I got at the Clarins warehouse sale, but I was sitting on them for a while, thinking I was going to upload a haul video waaaayyyy sooner than I did. I did finally start using them a few weeks back, and OMG. I was crazypants for holding out for so long, lol!

      They really are top-notch. The only thing I haven't got on with is the foundation I tried at the counter - it was really bizarre on my skin, like it refused to blend in at all. Very strange, but it was also after driving for 8 hours so my skin may have been wonky from car heating and whatnot. Or else the moisturizer the chick used did not play well with the one I already had on? Anyway, I have a few sample packets to retry.


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