January 29, 2013

Almay Get Up and Grow Mascara

I love finding great drugstore mascaras. I have my favourites, and after seeing Emily from Beauty Broadcast shower Almay's Get Up and Grow with love, I was sure it would be joining the ranks.

Sadly, this is not the case.

In the tube, it looked promising. In the shade Blackest Black, with the kind of brush head that I generally favour - bushy but relatively narrow.

Upon application, I quickly learned that this was not the mascara for me. If I applied one coat carefully, with a straight sweeping motion and no wiggling, I found it was ok. It added some volume though not much length, and it was indeed very black.

With a second coat, however, it started clumping. Nice, if undramatic, lashes started going down the road to Tammy Faye Baker land. In keeping with Tammy's schtick, this mascara also smudged like crazy when I applied it to my lower lashes. 

I dunno. I think if you have sparse lashes, the way it coats may actually work for you and give you the effect of fuller lashes. For me though, this is a miss. 

Two coats, using sweeping motion.
Availability: Pharmprix and Jean Coutu and similar drugstores, as well as Ulta. Price can vary especially with coupons and discounts, generally between 8$ USD and 12$ CAD.

Pros: Very black. If you want something that will give you some immediate but not excessive volume with one coat, it's ok as long as you sweep. May be suitable for sparser lashes.

Cons: If you have fine but fuller lashes, this will likely clump and give you spider-leg lashes. Difficult to build volume this way, not much length either. No definition. Smudges easily.

(I purchased this from Ulta.)


  1. Ah, bummer Maggie! I don't think it looks that bad, but if it's not your thing, then - pass! At least be thankful it was drugstore and not a $30+ high-end brand!!

    1. It's not egregious, but clumping is the one thing in mascara that makes me twitch. This obviously works for some lashes though! (Emily loves it, after all.)

      Yes, totally. I still have that Guerlain mascara that I need to pull out soon. If THAT one is a bust...oh lordy. >.<


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