September 16, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creatures Cremesheen Glass - Astral and Meteoric

In the "better late than never" category, I have a review and swatches of two of the Cremesheen Glasses from the MAC Heavenly Creatures collection. These are still available on the MAC website, though they are listed under the Limited Edition selection so I don't imagine they will be up for that much longer.

I wasn't terrifically impressed with the Heavenly Creatures collection, which was both a disappointment and par for the course with the way MAC has been performing lately. (Too many collections have been either boring, under-performing, ill-conceived or just plain awful - but that's a post for another day.) I was mesmerized by the beautiful galactic swirls of the eyeshadows and blushes when I first saw pictures online, but swatched in person, they just didn't live up to the allure. Too much glitter, not enough pigmentation, they were all flash and little substance.

The lip glosses, however, are a different story. I had to grab the two prettiest ones, namely Astral and Meteoric.

Top to bottom: Astral and Meteoric

Top to bottom: Astral Meteoric

If you've tried the Cremesheen formula before, these will not be a surprise in any way. If you haven't, you can expect a smooth, lightweight feel on the lips, contrary to the thick and tacky feel of the regular Lipglass formula. This also means that they tend to fade off at about twice the rate. I get maybe a couple of hours of wear before I need to reapply.

They are not particularly hydrating, but not drying either. I can't say that the formula is the best out there, but it is far more comfortable that the Lipglass one, at least for me, and I'd rather re-apply than put up with wearing my hair in my mouth for half the day.


The colors for these are lovely. Astral is a raspberry pink with silvery rose shimmer, and Meteoric is a warm-toned pink with golden shimmer that is absolutely stunning in the tube, but less obvious when worn. The combination of the glossy finish and the fine shimmer gives a really lovely, succulent look to the lips. Neither one of these go on very opaque, but they do give more coverage than the Cremesheen formulas I've tried in the past.

Availability: Currently on the Nordstrom website and MAC website, may still be in some stores or counters. Price is 22.50$ CAD, 19.50$ USD.

Pros: Beautiful colors, refined shimmer. A good balance between opaque and sheer. Nice feel on the lips, very comfortable to wear.

Cons: Wear time is about half that of stickier glosses. The re-application needed combined with the smaller volume (2.4ml compared to 4.8ml of a regular Lipglass!) makes these a much pricier option in the long-run.

(I purchased these from a MAC store.)


  1. I really considered picking up one of these glosses - I was also underwhelmed by the rest of the collection (and echo the overall "snooze" feeling of their collection lately) - but I wasn't swept away by any of them enough to purchase (but then again...I'm so frickin' reserved on my purchases lately who's even surprized?!). I would like to pick up a Cremesheen at some point, as I do like the texture SO much better than the lipglasses, but I need to use up some of my lippies first before I do so! If nothing else, you're going to get a TON of wear out of these shades, Maggie!

    1. Hey Toyarosie!

      I think the Cremesheen formula probably has an equal number of fans and detractors as the Lipglass formula does - what it does well in terms of finish, it sacrifices in terms of wear. But I really do love the finish, I find the lips really look plum and juicy without looking hooped on, and I like that they come creme/no-shimmer colors. Sometimes I want something polishes and less bling-y. My favourite combo at the moment is actually Craving lipstick with Creme Anglaise layered over it. Vivid but sophisticated.

      Let me know what you think if you do end up getting one!

  2. Anonymous18.9.12

    Once upon a time, I was an ardent devotée of MAC - then the magic began slowly fading; too many collections, too quickly, saturation overload and I basically gave up on the brand, except for random pieces I pick up every now and then. I must own about 3 of the Cremesheen glosses, and rarely pull them out -- mainly because I am so underwhelmed by the fickle lasting power. That being said, you're right about how non-sticky they are, which makes them quite pleasant to wear! As I tend to lean towards warmer hues, I'm totally loving your swatches of Meteoric! Thanks, Maggie!

    1. MAC was my entry into the world of non-drugstore cosmetics, as I think it was (and still is) for a lot of people. And I think they've gotten complacent about that fact. It's like they think they have this built-in, eternally loyal customer base - but there are SO many other fantastic options about there, and frankly they've been pricing themselves out of that comfortable niche and are now competing against brands that do it better, with more elegance, and with far more consistency.


      And thank you for appreciating the swatches! I keep meaning to do actual lip swatches, hopefully I'll have time to add a few to this post soon. :)


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