August 01, 2012

Estée Lauder Pure Color Blush - Pink Kiss

So, Tom Pecheux is genius. I'm not even kidding. He has reinvented the EL brand without bastardizing it, staying true to its classic structure. If you haven't passed by the Estée counter recently, do yourself a favor and take a look at the new Violet Underground Fall collection. If that is not one of the most awesome collections out this season, then I am a monkey's uncle. I will have some reviews up for that collection as soon as I can purchase it, but in the meantime, let's chat about something from the new and improved permanent range - the Pure Color Blush.

These blushes are substantial in size and come packaged in the redesigned compact. There's something terrifically modern and luxe about the generous, squared off shape. While they are not as dense and buttery as the Tom Ford blushes, they have a similar appeal and a friendlier impact on your wallet.

Pink Kiss is one of the more natural shades in the range, a soft, neutral toned pink that should suit a lot of skin tones in the light-to-medium range. I feel like it's one of those pink that can pull a bit cool or warm depending on your coloring and the light.

It has what Estée Lauder considers a 'satin' finish. The underlying color is satin, but it does have very fine micro-glitter layered in there as well, which can be seen in the swatches below. Not as obnoxious as some of the Nars blushes, and it mostly buffs out when blended, but be aware that it is there and can be a little more obvious under bright lights. The overall effect is slightly sheeny, and flattering.

The texture is interesting - not particularly buttery, but fairly dense, it applies beautifully. It blends right in without building up any texture on the skin. The pigmentation is ideal for me - enough to show up easily but not so strong that you have to be super careful in your application.

Indirect natural light.

Direct sunlight.

Blended out over larger surface, indirect light.

Availability: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, as well as The Bay and the Estée Lauder website. Price is 32$ CAD (28$ USD).

Pros: Easily wearable pigmentation level. Lovely sheen, blends beautifully. Great everyday color for light to medium skin tones.

Cons: Micro-glitter may remain visible in some lights, making the perfect office shade problematic for some.

(I purchased this item at the EL counter at The Bay.)


  1. Anonymous3.8.12

    I saw the entire Violet Underground Collection at Bloomie's yesterday, and I must have looked like the village idiot to passers-by, as I stood there transfixed! Lol! Truly gorgeous colours, I totally agree Maggie. I have yet to try any EL blushes, but have read the raves of others - guess that means I'll finally have to check them out myself, right? Lovely swatches as always, mon amie!

    1. Thank you for the praise, Eugenia!

      They just have the demo units at the The Bay for now, so you can ogle them from afar, but you can't touch, which is driving me bonkers. I want the pretties!!

      I don't know if all the blushes are great, but I'm very happy with the two I do have. Definitely worth some investigating when you have a chance. =)


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