July 30, 2012

Tarte Friends and Family Promo

Tarte is running a Friends and Family sale!

Receive 30% OFF* your purchase + FREE Shipping on orders $40 and up! Use code FFAUG at checkout. Expires 8/6. *Details at tarte.com.

I need to get some more of the blushes, and I'm debating a Lip Tint.

What are you guys thinking of getting?


  1. Shareen30.7.12

    Thanks! I got the email from Tarte too, but they don't have international shipping (boo - I think we should petition that if they ship to Alaska they can ship to Canada...they have to cross here to get there!). How do you get around this?

    1. Seriously, right? I can't believe how many US companies won't ship to Canada.

      As long as the website accepts Canadian credit cards, I can order and have it shipped to my family in New York, and either pick it up when I'm there or when they come up here. I also live an hour from the border, so I use a shipping company just across the border that will accept the package and hold it for a very minimal fee (like 3$) and once I have a few waiting for me I'll go pick them up.

      That same company will also forward packages to Canadian addresses, and there are a few around that do that. It's worth shopping around to see what they charge, because they will often offer to consolidate the packages and that breaks down the cost further.

      A couple are:


    2. Shareen31.7.12

      Thanks, Maggie! I've used "Ship Happens" in the past but hadn't heard of the two you mentioned. Time to go stock up on some blush....


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