July 11, 2012

Lancome Teint Miracle - Video Review and Application

I was on a roll yesterday. =)


  1. Anonymous13.7.12

    For someone who says she's nervous, you certainly don't look the part! Excellent video - I love learning about other people's favourites! I have had great success with the Armani Designer Lift and Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau - would love to hear your thoughts on those 2.

    As to the rosacea issue, I have a few very effective natural things you can try; one reason some people are more prone to skin issues like this, especially if the onset is in adulthood, is usually due to a lack of essential fatty acids in the system. If your diet is already rich in foods containing high amounts of EFA's (such as salmon and/or walnuts) you could also try borage, rosehip seed oil, or evening primrose supplements - either internally or applied topically (the gel format ones, obviously!). They have actually been proven to not only work, but to help reverse this particular issue.

    Ok....that was my lesson of the day, lol! Is there any way you could pan in closer next time so we can really see the effect in detail? I don't know how these things work either -- just curious! I also wanted to know if you've ever tried Shisheido's Perfect Foundation brush - similar to the one you used (a dense, compact head), but the bristles are slanted which makes getting into the nooks & crannies so easy. Let me know your thoughts on that too!

    PS: You look fab in green & it really translates well on screen! :)

    1. Aww, Eugenia, you are seriously boosting my ego here. I'm going to tip over from the swollen head!

      I tried a small sample of Lingerie de Peau, but under strained circumstances (traveling, without my usual skincare) so I will need to re-try it to form a fair opinion. Haven't tried any Armani foundations as of yet!

      I generally eat like crap. I mean, if I eat one fresh fruit a day, that's pretty much an achievement. (I once successfully argued that Doritos comprise all of the 4 food groups.) I definitely need to make an effort to eat better, because in my mid-thirties - this is where I start paying the price for a life of gluttony and sloth.

      I unfortunately can't pan closer in, as I'm filming on my iPhone. Or at least I don't know of a way of doing so. I will look into it though! (I did film in HD, so you if you select the higher resolution and go to full-screen, it will bring up more detail. I just watched it now using Apple TV, and let me tell, you there's nothing like seeing yourself full-size on the telly to simultaneously make you feel grand AND deflate the ego ballon.)

      Shiseido is one of those brands that I need to pay more attention to. I keep swatching things and saying "Oooh!" and somehow never picking them up. I'll put the brushes on my list of things to look at! Have you tried any of the Sigmax brushes? They have some slanted ones too, I wonder how they perform in comparison.


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