July 19, 2012

Clarins Mono Couleur Eyeshadows - #9 Chestnut Freeze, #12 Icy Turquoise, #22 Midnight Blue

As promised, these are the swatches for the other Clarins eyeshadows I currently have. As mentioned in the previous post, these are being discontinued to be replaced by an all new range. While I'm always in for something new and improved, these do have a fantastic formula - smooth, dense, pigmented and long-lasting. I'm stocking up on the shades that attract me the most, and hoping that the others show up at the next warehouse sale.

As I already did a review and these don't differ, I won't go into much detail here but rather invite you to read the previous post for more information. 

#9 Chestnut Freeze

#12 Icy Turquoise

#22 Midnight Blue
Chestnut Freeze is a perfect neutral - warm taupe with a very subtle mauve undertone.

Icy Turquoise has the softest texture and is a beautiful summer shade.

Midnight Blue is a rich, shimmer shot navy. It does have some tendency towards fall-out upon application, but the pay-off is so wonderful that it's worth the more careful technique.

Indirect natural light.

Artificial light.

Directs sunlight.
I am incredibly curious to see what the new formulation has to offer compared to the current one, because the Mono Couleurs that I have are so darn excellent. We'll see soon enough!

(I purchased these from Pharmparix.)


  1. Oh my god, these are so pretty. I have one of the new shadows sitting on my desk, but I've yet to try it -- the packaging does look gorgeous though!

    I wish I lived in a city with Clarins warehouse sales! ;oP

    (P.S. Have you had time to try the Smokey Passion palette yet? Let me know what you think of it; I'd love to hear another blogger's opinion!)

    1. Ah! I'm SO curious about the new shadow formula!

      I haven't played with it substantially yet, but soon. Soooooon. :P

  2. Anonymous19.7.12

    Ordinarily I'd be staring at the turquoise shade and ignore the rest, but this time around I find myself so totally drawn to the taupe (love its complex shimmer) and the navy (that indigo undertone gets me every time). Ok...thanks, Maggie; now I need to go check out my local Clarins counter and pray they still have some of these babies left.....*grumble, grumble*........!!!

    1. Midnight Blue is my favorite as well. :P

      They are at least worth a good swatching in the store, and with the new collection coming out in the fall, they should still be knocking around the counters. If not, then fingers crossed for them popping up at the Fall warehouse sale!

  3. Anonymous23.7.12

    These look great, Maggie! It's so funny, I'm sure I've casually swatched these shadows but I don't remember them being all that dense - wow! Or, maybe the testers were so old that the oils from people's skins hardened them or something...? In any case, I'm going to have to do a little investigation since it sounds like we might be missing out once the new product rolls around!

    1. I never gave these a try until fairly recently, and they really surprised me too! I think depending on how they're handled by customers the quality can be compromised, but nearly all the ones I've swatched have had this kind of quality to them.

  4. Chestnut Freeze is SO pretty!


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