May 02, 2012

My babies.

I've been unusually absent from the online world recently. The reason for that is that our family has grown recently - we adopted two new dogs! Both of them are boxers (a brindle named Dee Dee, 3 months old, and a fawn named Boomer, 15 months old), from a small and wonderful organization called Boxer Rescue Quebec. (If you are considering a pet, I urge you to look to rescue groups like this first. There are so many fabulous dogs and cats looking for a forever family, and I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience working with BRQ to find the match for our family.)

Anyway, after a couple of weeks of getting to know each other, we've finally settled into a routine, which has allowed me to get back to blogging. I look forward to posting about all the things I've been trying out, and in the meantime, Dee Dee and Boomer would like to introduce themselves. =)

Miss Dee and me.

Androo, getting some love.
Nap time.

And more nap time.


  1. Anonymous2.5.12

    Welcome Dee Dee & Boomer! I love how they're napping together - makes me regret not getting a sibling for Rocky, but then again, he's adopted Anna as his human sister! I understand how exciting and overwhelming the first few weeks of bringing a dog home can be...and you guys are doing it in duplicate -- kudos for that! They're absolutely precious, Maggie...give them each giant smooches from me (PS: Rocky says "arf")!!

    1. They are pretty cute when they're sleeping. :P Otherwise, Dee's full name (Demon Seed) is well earned, lol!

      Smooches happily passed on, and returned in kind! =)

  2. Anonymous5.5.12

    They are so cute Maggie!!! Congrats on the adoption!

  3. Ah, they are so cute Maggie!! I'm dying to get a dog but we really need to have the appropriate time and space for it first. Congrats on your new family additions! :)

    1. Oh yes, dogs are definitely something to take on when the time is right. Our neighbors are an unfortunate example of folks who should not have gotten a dog, as they don't really have the energy or time to devote to him. :(

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and I hope you will be able to fulfill your wish for a pet as soon as it's possible. =)


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