May 21, 2012

Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder - Sunlight

With an epically long product name, the Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder in Sunlight has a lot of promises to live up to. Nude? Yes. Tan? Yes. Healthy Glow? You betcha.

But first, the packaging.

As usual with Dior, you can count on some pretty swanky exterior features. The details for this are just gorgeous - the usual velvet pouch has an extra flap, and the Cannage pattern on the silver compact adds an elegant touch. The whole thing is deliciously weighty, and you can't wait to it take out of your purse for public touch-ups.

It also comes with a mini kabuki, which is actually soft and very functional. It's not a replacement for a full-size brush, but works perfectly for lunch-hour touch-ups.

The Nude Tan comes in two shades - Sunset, which is darker and more golden-warm, and Sunlight, which is lighter and has a rosy-peach undertone. I looked at both, but judged the Sunset too warm for my liking, and liked the notion of a bronzer that could double as a blush.

Yeah. I have no words for how pretty this is. It actually makes me feel more cheerful to look at it, as if the promise of Summer has somehow been pressed into a little pan form.

It's not super obvious in the pictures above, but there is a really fine sparkle dusted throughout. It doesn't read at all on the skin however.

Indirect natural light.
Left to right: the two 'base' shades (darker, then lighter), the two 'raised letter' shades.

Direct sunlight.
The compact is broken up into two base shades, and two shades that form the raised lettering. The base shades would best be described as a light, slightly rosy tan and a light, golden-beige tan. The raised portions would be a light peachy-pink and a neutral tan.

The overall effect is warm-toned without being too gold or orange, and strikes me as the kind of shade that would be flattering on both cooler and warmer complexions.

Light blended swatch, indirect natural light.

Applied with the mini kabuki, indirect natural light.

If you're looking for a contour palette or a deep bronzer, this is definitely not the right product for you. However, if you want something that will make your skin look sun-kissed, radiant, faintly blushed, then this is EXACTLY the item you need.

The powder itself is incredibly soft and finely-milled, applying super-smoothly to the skin. I was able to build up layers to an impressive degree without ever seeing perceptible powder on my skin.

This is a truly beautiful item that feels like pure luxury to use. With the particular mix of rose and tan tones, and the superfine sheen, it gives the kind of subtle, polished look that really should take more time and product to achieve.

This wore well throughout the day for me on foundation-prepped skin, but because of the refined texture, it won't be a problem to reapply during the day if you find you need (or want) to.

Availability: This can still be found at certain Pharmaprix/SDM locations, as well as at and Certain Bay locations may still have it, but online only the Sunset is left. Price is 56$ CAD (which includes the mini kabuki).

Pros: Stunning packaging, luxurious feeling, incredible texture. The luminous finish and mix of tones makes for a subtle, 3-in-1 look.

Cons: None, though it is best suited for lighter complexions, unless used as a discreet highlighter on deeper skin tones.
(I purchased this item at Pharmaprix/SDM.)


  1. OH GAWD it's pretty!!! It really reminds me of last summer's Aurora.

    1. I just read your post for Aurora from last year, and it DOES look similar. Yay!!

  2. Anonymous21.5.12

    You are making me want this SO bad, Maggie! Through your photos and enthusiasm and GREAT review - damn! I doubt this will show up on my skin, but I'll check out Sunset and hopefully I can get a little glow of my own going on! Woo! :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much! It's nice to be blown away by a product. :P

      I think Sunlight might work as a very subtle highlight/luminizer on deeper skin tones, but Sunset might work even better, with its stronger golden cast. Would love to see pics if you do test it!

  3. Anonymous21.5.12

    When Dior released last year's versions, I read all the hype surrounding 'Aurora' and decided to pick it up. I tried really hard to convince myself that it looked good on me; it didn't. 'Sunset', on the other hand was incredible with my skintone - love! Then the unthinkable: they were gone before I could get a back-up, as they had been released as limited edition items. Imagine my joy when I was told a few months ago, that not only were they being re-released, but that they would join the permanent lineup! Now, here's the thing; several conflicting stories have these as limited as well, but that's not what my source has said - we'll see who's right, right?! In any case, this year's version of 'Aurora' has been tweaked a bit colour-wise, and a quick swatch showed me that it actually works with my skin tone! Hurray! You know what that means, right? Yup -- gotta track it down! Lol!

    Love your photos, Maggie and thanks for breaking it down shade by shade!

    1. Oh, I do hope they are permanent! Such lovely products, they really deserve to join the Dior line-up. I love that you have an inside source at Dior :P

      Would you happen to know how the color was tweaked? Sunlight happens to work perfectly for my skin tone, but now I'm curious if the fabled Aurora might be even better.

      Thank you so much for the kind words. It's been a challenge figuring out the lighting in the Girl Cave, since it is...well, a cave!


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