March 19, 2012

Quickie - OPI Planks A Lot

This incredibly lovely Spring teaser weekend had me digging into the stash for an appropriate nail polish.

OPI Planks A Lot, from last year's Pirates of the Caribbean collection. In my opinion, a vastly under-loved series of dusty pastels and neutrals.


  1. Anonymous21.3.12

    You're right, it was overlooked - I didn't buy one shade from the collection at the time, but now I continue to see shades that I wish I'd picked up!! This looks like a lovely Spring polish - maybe a bit too much on the grey side for me, but looks great on you!

    1. Thank you! =) Hindsight, right?

      Which colors are you liking?

  2. Hi-ya!!

    I love this colour! And I love the whole collection.
    Mermaid's Tears is particularly nice.


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