February 20, 2012

Quickie - MAC Solar Plum Lipstick

I'm sort of on a no-buy for the next two months. Maybe a low-buy. A very, very casual low-buy, which means that I'm not actively hunting down new things, but should I come across something awesome, I'm not forcing myself to pass it up.

So basically the way every non-makeup-obsessed person goes about their business.

ANYWAY. Since I'm curbing my spending, I decided to dig into my stash and rediscover some old favorites. Today it's Solar Plum lipstick from the MAC Summer 2007 Moonbathe collection.

Can I first just say that I wish MAC would do this sort of packaging again? It's so darn pretty.

Solar Plum is indeed plum, albeit with reddish brown undertones and a subtle gold pearl. It's a frost finish, so it does emphasize my lip lines a bit, but the wear is still smooth and comfortable.  It's also just the right shade for making my skin look extra bright and clear. Very flattering, and I can't think of why I don't wear it more often.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, this lipstick is indeed 5 years old. It still smells of vanilla and is fine to use. (A quick alcohol mist does a lot to preserve lipsticks from bacteria.)


  1. This is gorgeous! I don't know if I have anything like this - may have to go on a search.

    1. It is pretty fab, isn't it? It's not a color that jumps out as being particularly unique, but then it turns out to be one of those morphers that reveals different tones. Surprisingly complex.

      I'd love to know if you find something similar! =)


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