February 17, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

I like cream blush generally. Applied with the right tools and technique, I think it tends to look more natural and seamless than powder blush. I admit that I bought these new Dream Bouncy Blushes because their peculiar texture fascinated me - I wasn't really expecting them to be any good, as I haven't exactly been blown away by Maybelline in the past.

Hot Tamale and Peach Satin
And the texture IS weird. They're like a really solid, smooth-topped mousse, almost like...flan? Or maybe firm marshmallows? Yeah, I don't know how to describe it. When I press firmly, a slight indentation is made, and the product sort of pooches out around it, the way a waterbed would if you sat on one side. But it also sort of comes back into shape, albeit slowly. Not quite a 'bounce'. I haven't tried using a brush with these yet - with a finger, I had to swipe a few times to pick up enough product for application.

That said, these are very nice blushes - depending on the shade. I picked what looked to be an intense color, and then something a bit more neutral to test out the pigmentation and overall quality. These swatches are what the color looks like after a few swipes.

Hot Tamale and Peach Satin

Hot Tamale and Peach Satin
I do think that the lighter colors are probably going to be invisible on all but the fairest skin tones. I really had to layer Peach Satin for it to show on my cheeks, but Hot Tamale, despite the whoa-baby shade in the pan, created a gorgeously rosy, flushed look when applied. Definitely my favorite of the two.

Cream blushes can be tricky to use, but because these go on so light, it's hard to make a mistake right off the bat. They feel incredibly lightweight, almost like a liquid blush, and dry down immediately. (If you've stayed away from cream blush due to oily skin, these might be worth a try.) They have no discernible texture, so they look seamless on the skin, which is ideal for creating a no-makeup makeup look. The wear on these is not quite as good as most cream blushes I've tried, though they will last through an average work day.

I love the soft sheen. They don't have obvious shine or shimmer, but they do give off a glow that is quite flattering.

Availability: Pretty much every drugstore, Walmart. Price varies, but generally between 6-9$ CAD.

Pros: Great for creating a natural blush look, seamlessly blend with the skin, relatively easy to use, lovely sheen.

Cons: Pigmentation on some of these will definitely be a problem.

(I purchased these from Pharpmaprix/SDM.)


  1. Anonymous19.2.12

    I think these are not available in the UK yet, but they don't look very tempting.
    Although I am very fair, somehow blush disappears on my skin!It doesn't look like they are pigmented enough.
    What other cream blushes do you love?

    1. Yea, the Hot Tamale is lovely, but delivers a far more natural look than you would expect from the color in the pan. (If I have a chance I'll post a LOTD wearing it, for context.) I think the deeper, brighter shades will work well for producing that sort of look, but that means that about half the line will be pretty useless to a lot of people, unless they prefer very subtle cheeks. Which some do, I suppose! (I have a couple of the old-style Dream Mousse blushes, and those had stronger pigmentation. The Lancome version, Magique Blush, was even better.)

      I really love the MUFE HD blushes, and the Inglot AMC cream blushes (the ones in the little pots). They have FANTASTIC pigmentation, and meld beautifully into the skin. I just recently started using the Real Techniques contour brush to apply them, and it's perfect.


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