February 04, 2012

MAC Mineralize Blush - Subtle Breeze

After a few disappointing collections from MAC, the Naturally collection looked like a return to old form. I loved the N collection from Spring 2008 - it stands out as one of my favorites, actually - and Naturally is something like an homage to it. (If you're unfamiliar, check out this old post from Temptalia.)

I was very, very tempted to get more than I could afford, but I was unusually restrained and only purchased two of the mineralized blushes. The first I will be showing you is Subtle Breeze, which is quite possibly my One True Love of blushes.

An unassuming pink in the pan, with no sexy swirls characteristic of mineralized products, it looked - dare I say it - boring.

Even in the sunlight, with the light sheen peeking through, it wasn't yet clear to me how much I would fall for this.

In indirect light.
Swatched heavily on the left, lightly with a MAC 227 brush on the right.

And hello there, you.

This is just the perfect pink blush on me. Not too blue, not too warm, not too rose, not veering into coral, it's the exact right bear. It has a satin finish with no perceptible shimmer, contrary to most other mineralized blushes I own. What it does have is this incredible, natural glow.

Indirect light, different angle to show how it picks up sheen.
The texture is finely-milled, silky and very soft. Almost too soft, in the sense that you have to be a little conservative in dipping your brush, or you risk picking up more powder than you need. This is very nicely pigmented, but blends and sheers out with ease, so you don't have to worry about overdoing it. I haven't noticed it fading any more than blushes usually do on me. It is a mineralized product though, so if you find those don't last on you, I don't imagine this will be much different.

Availability: It's sold out on the MAC site, but I was able to find some in a couple of MAC locations in Montreal. Price is 26.50$ CAD.

Pros: How do I count the ways I love this? Beautiful color and rich application that can be moderated with ease. Gives life and vivacity to the skin with a subtle sheen. One of the best textures I've seen from a MAC mineralized product.

Cons: None, unless the length of wear of mineralized products is an issue for you.

(I purchased this from the counter at Ogilvy.)


  1. Anonymous7.2.12

    I picked up Fresh Honey, and now I so totally regret not getting this one...darn it! Because of my skin tone, I tend to shy away from pink blushes, but this doesn't seem to lean too cool...in other words, I think I'd love this one me, thanks to your swatches of course!

    1. They do call this a blue-based pink, but I don't really see that. I would consider a fairly neutral pink, and could see it working with a variety of complexions. What's your skin tone like?

      And thank you! I consider it enabling fair trade, as I'm currently hunting down that Cruel Gardenia you swatched the other day. ;)


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