February 14, 2012

Estée Lauder Pure Color Gloss - Citron Kiss

Continuing my review of the Estée Lauder Topaz Spring Collection, I bring you Citron Kiss lip gloss. I have to say that this is not my favorite item from the collection. It's a fine product, just not as mind-blowingly awesome as the Illuminating Powder Gelée, or as wonderful as the Topaz Mosaic quint. Estée Lauder has set the bar very high for themselves, and it feels like this one was coasting a bit on the bigger stars' glory.

I'm not sure if the texture is typical of Pure Color glosses as I have not yet tried any others, but I found it to be very thick and sticky. More so than lipglasses from MAC, in comparison. It has pretty great wear as a result, and is also very shiny. Not quite vinyl-like, but close. I had a hard time getting a good picture because it was reflecting the light so much (and indirect light wasn't capturing the shimmer).

Citron Kiss is a lemon yellow tinted gloss with very dense shimmer. The yellow color is sheer, and under certain lights looks almost clear. When I swatched the tester in the store, the shimmer looked a little more dimensional, as if it had a faint duochrome effect. This is probably why I was disappointed when I tried it at home.

That said, it is very pretty, and adds a nice sparkle when layered over another lip product - which is actually my favorite way to wear it. It immediately transforms whatever lipstick you're wearing into something more vivacious and summer-y.

Availability: The Estée Lauder website, The Bay website, and some counters should still have it. Price is 24$ CAD.

Pros: Long-wearing, shiny shiny shiny, an easy way of transforming a matte or cream lipstick into something more fun or glamorous.

Cons: May be too sticky, depending on your preference. This has a fairly distinctive fruity-sweet scent, which may not appeal.

(I purchased this at the EL counter at The Bay.)

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