February 19, 2012

Estée Lauder Pure Color Gelée Powder Eyeshadow

Ok, I won't go on and on again about how Estée Lauder is hitting it out of the park lately (though it is) and how they are showing some of their younger sister brands a thing or two (though they are). Suffice it to say that these Pure Color Gelée Powder Eyeshadows are, quite possibly, the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Top row, left to righ: Cyber Copper, Cyber Green, Cyber Teal
Bottom row: Cyber Lilac, Cyber Pink
I did not purchase Cyber Silver.
They have the same "trybrid" texture as the Illuminating Gelée powders (as reviewed here), meaning they are a strange and wonderful blend of powder, cream and liquid. As demonstrated by a wonderful SA at my local counter, they can be applied with a brush for a sheer, diffused effect, with a sponge (or a dense brush, like the MAC 239) for more opacity, or with a damp brush for a more metallic and dense finish.

The following product pictures were all taken under natural daylight, and the close up shots are under artificial light.

Cyber Copper has the most opaque and least shimmery finish out of these - more of a metallic satin, if that makes sense.

It has the most tenacious wear and looks fairly similar across application techniques. Not the most original color, but an exceedingly well-done version of it.

Cyber Green is not really a green - it's a faded black with a hint of olive, and a fine gold micro-glitter throughout.

Buffed in, it loses some of the glitter, and looks best when applied wet or patted over a primer to maintain that golden sparkle. Definitely one of the more unique shades in this collection.

Cyber Teal is absolutely gorgeous. It's a deeply shimmery teal with a slightly blackened base. Nothing dark or obvious, but when I buff it in, I can see a bit of smokiness. It lends itself beautifully to a smokey eye, actually.

I don't think I have anything quite like it my collection, and I am mad for teals.

Cyber Lilac is so very pretty. Like Cyber Teal, it's one of the more shimmery shades, though without the smoky base. It applies as a deeper-toned lilac, lighter than it appears in the pan.

It can be buffed in for a softer finish that is less obviously shimmery as well.

Cyber Pink is probably the closest to the Illuminating Gelée in terms of potential usage. It has the sheerest application out of these, and is the most easily buffed out to diaphanous effect.

Applied with a powder brush, it can be used purely as a highlighter over the cheekbones as well as the eyes. It is perhaps the least original color in terms of eyeshadow, but it is the most versatile.

I've omitted the 'artificial light' picture in the following swatches, only because all the shades read identically in full sunlight as they did under a light.

Pink, Lilac, Teal, Gren, Copper.
Indirect light.

Indirect light, different angle.

Direct sunlight.

Availaibility: Largely sold out at counters, a few shades remain on The Bay website, and all of the shades are currently still available from the Estée Lauder website. Price is 28$ CAD per shade.

Pros: Intense pigmentation, variable application options for different effects, incredibly creamy, dense texture. Unique or just plain beautiful colors.

Cons: None that I can think of, aside from possibly the price. For the amount and versatility of the product, I think they're worth it.

(I purchased these from the EL counter at The Bay.)


  1. Anonymous19.2.12

    Oooh....I did wonder about these; normally, I am totally suckered in by anything teal, but for some reason, the copper is really standing out for me; maybe because I can see it working all year long and how "non-trendy" this shade is (meaning you can wear it with any number of looks)! How was the lasting/staying power? Thanks for the fab swatches!

    1. The copper is more neutral than I think of copper being, more brown-toned, you know? I think it would work for a lot of different looks, absolutely.

      Lasting power is so hard for me to gauge in terms of how something will wear for someone else - because of how deep my crease is and how oily my lid gets, I need to wear primer with pretty much any powder shadow. Over primer, these last though a regular 8-10 hour work day without creasing or fading. Without primer, cut that time in about half. The Copper is the most tenacious in terms of how it sits on bare skin, and the Pink has the most flyaway texture.


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