January 08, 2012

Inglot Eyeshadows - Greenish

I adore Inglot eyeshadows. The quality is superlative, and at 5$ for a 2.7 gram pan, they are some serious bang for the buck. (That's the US pricing. They are more in Canada, which blows, but if you get them in the 10-pan palette, the price per pan lowers significantly. The palette is 14$ or so, the filled version is 79$, so that brings it to 6.50$ CAD per pan.)

There are currently only a handful of Inglot boutiques in North America, so most people order online. I know how hard it is to buy something sight unseen, so I wanted to get some swatches out there. I thought instead of doing one-by-one, in-depth reviews, I would provide a general introduction, and then swatch the shades I currently own, divided by palette. 

Inglot doesn't really provide a description key for the finishes offered, but this would be my classification:

AMC - textures range, but overall are supposed to be some of the most pigmented shades they offer.

Shine - finely milled, buildable, with lovely sheen.

Pearl - have anywhere from a light pearl, to a frosty, even metallic finish.

Matte - completely matte, and incredibly pigmented and buttery for this type of finish. Easily one of the best matte textures on the market.

Double Sparkle - tend to have a matte or satin base, with some very fine sparkle layered in.

I'll start today with my green(ish) palette.

Top row: matte 333, amc 57, pearl 414, pearl 418, shine 44
Bottom row: amc 56, pearl 412, shine 16, shine 6, pearl 419

Inglot Eyeshadows - Greenish
In indirect daylight.

Inglot Eyeshadows - Greenish
With flash.

Inglot Eyeshadows - Greenish

The following swatches were done on my bare arm, no primer.

Inglot Eyeshadows - Greenish
Top row, in indirect daylight.
matte 333, amc 57, pearl 414, pealr 418, shine 44

Look at the matte! It's so freakin' opaque.
The last two shades look virtually identical here, but in real life the shine 44 is ever so slightly more shimmery and golden than the pearl 418. Still, you clearly don't need both.

Inglot Eyeshadows - Greenish
Top row, with low flash.

Inglot Eyeshadows - Greenish
Bottom row, in indirect daylight.
amc 56, pearl 412, shine 16, shine 6, pearl 419

Inglot Eyeshadows - Greenish
Bottom row, with low flash.
My personal favorites from this palette are the pearl 419, which is an awesome taupe-gray-olive, and the pearl 414. The latter is probably the sheerest to swatch, but has this lovely, almost duochrome effect. Beautiful.

What do you think?


  1. These are great eyeshadows and the brand is sold all over the world. But not as wide as I would like it to be.

    I have about two dozens of them and usually buy in Poland and as it's a Polish brand such a single eyeshadow costs about 3.5$ there!

    I also love their nail polishes AMC Lip Paints and Lip Glosses.

  2. Oh, I definitely agree that they need to open more stores, especially in North America. =) The prices here in Canada for a pan are a little more expensive than the 5$ on the US website, so I only buy them when I'm in NYC.

    Thank you for sharing your favorites! I love their cream blushes and cream eyeliners as well.


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