January 19, 2012

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

This is one of those things that I ended up trying because I worked in beauty retail. Because 26$ for lip balm? Um, no, was not gonna happen. Chapstick was just fine, thank you.

And somewhere between that mental statement and now, I tried the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, and I was a convert. This is absolutely, no qualms, the BEST lip balm I have ever used. My lips don't usually get dry, but every now and them I develop severely chapped lips. (Curse you, Montreal weather. *fistshake*) This is the only lip treatment that soothes, hydrates and heals them, and does so in record time. I can have the worst cracking and peeling, and within two days of treatment my lips will be back to normal. The SPF is a nice bonus.

I always keep a tube of the original with me, but it also comes in a few different varieties, each with a light tint of color.

The mini versions, often available in little kits like this stocking stuffer set, are usually a fairly good deal and a less wallet-crunching way of trying out different shades. This trio, for example, was 32$ CAD, compared to one tube at 26$ CAD.

The regular size is .15 ounces, while the minis are each .08 onces. That works out to less than half the price for slightly more than half the amount.

Honey shade.
The pigmentation is not lipstick level, but it gives a beautifully sheer color that can be built up slightly. It's a very easy way of wearing lip color while treating and protecting your lips. These also work as nice blenders for sheering out more potent lipsticks. The deeper shades, like Plum and Passion leave behind a faint and very natural, juicy stain. Very casual and chic.

Availability: The regular-sized ones are available from Sephora and the Fresh website. This particular trio is sold out, but similar sets are often available, like this duo. Price is 26$ CAD.

Pros: Incredibly moisturizing and protective. Instantly relieves chapped lips, doesn't feel sticky. Nicely scented, with a selection of shades. Swanky packaging for a lip balm.

Cons: Also a hefty price tag for a lip balm. Worth it in my opinion, but YMWV. The scents might be off-putting to some.

(I purchased these from Sephora.)


  1. Thanks for the great review. Every time I browse in Sephora I am tempted to get one of these! They do sound very nice! :)

    1. Thank you kindly! I'd love to hear your thoughts if you do decide to give them a try. =)


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