January 07, 2012

A England promo code

Sometimes a new brand hits a home run right out of the cage. A England is one of those brands. The concept is simple (the Arthurian cycle, interpreted as nail polish) and perfectly executed. Not a single shade seems out-of-place.

I've been dying to try their polishes, and have been coming closer to placing my order every day. The exchange rate puts these at about 14$ CAD, which is not insignificant, but not close to the prices I've paid for Chanel and Estée Lauder polishes. When they started offering free worldwide shipping, I almost pressed the buy button.

And now they're running an anniversary promo: 30% off your order with code "anniversary", good from now until January 9th. It took me all of 2 minutes to finalize and place my order. I can't wait to get these!

Oh, and check out Ommorphia Beauty Bar for swatches of the upcoming - and absolutely stunning - Legends collection. Holos!

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