December 07, 2011

Nubar Gold Leaf

I wish more brands did duochromes. Nubar has a good assortment, but it's not the easiest polish to track down, unless you're willing to order online. They also vary a lot in terms of opacity, with no indication of which is which, so that can make ordering a little chancy.

That said, I've been nothing but impressed with all the shades I've tried and owned, so I feel like the risk is small.

The shade I have for you today is called Gold Leaf.

It's one of the more opaque duochromes, so much so that it barely requires a second-coat. It's sort of a bronze-gold, with a deep mauve flash that looks very subtle on the nail. Despite not being the most obvious duochrome, it's beautiful, like molten metal.

It's hard to pick up the mauve flash in these pictures, but it's sort of suggested when you look at the polish close to the edge of the nail - there's sort of a pinkish tinge there.

Also at the curve of the nail in the close-up here, as the color deepens and becomes more burnished.

This is the kind of shade I can wear all through the fall, just so warm and luscious.


Availability: On the Nubar website, from select salons and online boutiques. Price is 8.00$ or so.

Pros: Almost a one-coater. No problems with wear or chipping. Sexy curvy bottle, easy-to-hold. The best application brush ever for non-petite nails. (Better than the OPI pro-wide.)

Cons: Can't think of any, though I know some folks feel that Nubar has a longer drying time or can stay a bit dentable longer. I always use the Diamont top coat with these though, so I had perfectly hard, glossy nails in less than a minute.

(I purchased this item.)

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