December 19, 2011

Drugstore Deals - Revlon Colorburst, l'Oreal Infallible

Jean Coutu drugstores aren't going to win a lot of love from me. A Quebec-based chain, they're like Shopper Drug Mart's sad, awkward cousin - they tried to implement a watered-down version of the Beauty Boutique concept, yet remained an over-stuffed, poorly lit, poky little drugstore at heart.

Also, their promotions and markdowns are executed by people who appear to have an overdeveloped sense of whimsy, at least at the two locations near me. They are so random. One day something is one sale, the next it's not. One item in a line appears to be on liquidation, but it turns out that actually ALL of the colors are, except some scan in at 5.99$, some at 6.99$.

The Jean Coutu, she makes no sense.

That said, they do tend to have better prices that SDM, and even more so when they have sales, so they are definitely worth a look if you're on the hunt for a good deal.

For example, this week:

Revlon Colorburst glosses are 6.99$, all shades. (Regular 10-12$)

All Revlon Colorburst lipsticks are 5.99$ to 6.99$. (Regular 10-11$)

The supposed Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill dupes - l'Oréal Infallible eyeshadows - are 5.24$ to 6.99$
(see? random!), including the limited edition set. (Regular 10.49$)

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