December 28, 2011

Drugstore Deals - Revlon Super Lustrous

Just a quick FYI that Revlon Super Lustrous lipglosses and lipsticks are on sale this week: 5.99$ at Shopper's Drug Mart/Pharmaprix. (They're normally priced around the 10-12$ range.)

Emily Eddington (emilynoel83 on youtube) recently named the Super Lustrous lipgloss formula as one of her absolute favorites, and I have to agree. It's shiny, nicely pigmented, not too tacky. And I think the tubes themselves are quite chic, and remind me of Chanel packaging.

December 22, 2011

Lise Watier Smokey Brown Eye Shine (+ smoky green FOTD)

Perilously Pale tweeted yesterday about the upcoming Lise Watier collection, and I tweeted in turn what an underrated brand LW is. One that, as a Montrealer, I really should look at in more depth. So here's a start!

Lise Watier currently does two waterproof pencil liners in their permanent collection: the Waterproof Eyeliner and the Eye Shine. The latter have a decidedly more metallic, almost ducochrome, finish.

I recently purchased the Smokey Brown Eye Shine (17$ CAD), intrigued by the way it swatched in the store.

It's not quite brown, not quite taupe, and gleams with bronze and almost plum undertones. It's a stunning and complex alternative to the basic brown eyeliner. It is also incredibly creamy and pigmented.

In natural daylight.
The claim for these is that they are waterproof, and indeed they are. This picture was taken after I tried to wash it off with water, then soap and water, then soap and water and a lot of industrious scrubbing. Stinker was NOT going to move.

That said, the very creamy texture means that these are not entirely smudgeproof, and compared to other waterproof eyeliners, this one retains a faint sort of tackiness after application. But this actually works well if you want to use it as a base. Which is what I did here:

Eyes: Lise Watier Smokey Brown Eye Shine, MAC Sumptuous Olive eyeshadow, Lancome Hypnose mascara
Face: Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation (shade 20), MAC Secret Blush PB blush
Lips: L'Oréal Color Riche Rich Pink gloss

I applied Smoky Brown all over the lid, and used a MAC 217 brush to buff it out, barely reaching into my natural crease. I then applied MAC Sumptuous Olive all over the lid and up into the crease.

Over the Smokey Brown, the Sumptuous Olive became deeper and more metallic, gradually lightening up above the crease line into a golden-green on my bare skin. The effect was a very natural, smoky olive eye. (SO has a faint sort of copper duochrome to it that shows up when it is really buffed out. You can sort of see a bit of that reddish tinge in the crease of my left eye.)

(I also lined my lower lashes with the SB, and lightly applied the SO there as well.)

This look held up perfectly for about 8 hours, with some fading in the crease and inner corner at about the 10 hour mark. Not quite UDPP, but pretty darn good.

For reference, some swatches of Sumptuous Olive by itself.

And Sumptuous Olive patted over Smokey Brown Eye Shine in various lighting.

Direct sunlight, indirect daylight, artifical light.


Availability: In Canada, it's at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix, Jean Coutu, The Bay, and the Lise Watier website. (In the US, Naimie's carries the brand.) Price is 17$.

Pros: Unique color, ultra-creamy and blendable, long-lasting and waterproof. Home-grown brand! *fist-bump*

Cons: So creamy it can smear a bit if you rub your eyes, though once you set it with powder, it's solid. Needs elbow grease or, well, just plain grease to get off (as in, an oil-based remover).

(I purchased these items from Pharmaprix and MAC.)

December 19, 2011

Drugstore Deals - Revlon Colorburst, l'Oreal Infallible

Jean Coutu drugstores aren't going to win a lot of love from me. A Quebec-based chain, they're like Shopper Drug Mart's sad, awkward cousin - they tried to implement a watered-down version of the Beauty Boutique concept, yet remained an over-stuffed, poorly lit, poky little drugstore at heart.

Also, their promotions and markdowns are executed by people who appear to have an overdeveloped sense of whimsy, at least at the two locations near me. They are so random. One day something is one sale, the next it's not. One item in a line appears to be on liquidation, but it turns out that actually ALL of the colors are, except some scan in at 5.99$, some at 6.99$.

The Jean Coutu, she makes no sense.

That said, they do tend to have better prices that SDM, and even more so when they have sales, so they are definitely worth a look if you're on the hunt for a good deal.

For example, this week:

Revlon Colorburst glosses are 6.99$, all shades. (Regular 10-12$)

All Revlon Colorburst lipsticks are 5.99$ to 6.99$. (Regular 10-11$)

The supposed Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill dupes - l'Oréal Infallible eyeshadows - are 5.24$ to 6.99$
(see? random!), including the limited edition set. (Regular 10.49$)

December 17, 2011

This Just In - Faux Lash

These gorgeous lashes from Faux Lash just arrived - the Alexia and Sasha models from the "Luxe" collection. The Sashas in particular look incredibly lush. I can't wait to try these out for NYE!

December 15, 2011

Quickie - MAC Plumful Lipstick

I kind of really, really love MAC Plumful. With my very pigmented lips, it's the perfect My Lips But Better shade, and the lustre finish makes it mistake-proof.

For an even more natural finish, I apply it over Fresh Sugar lip balm, and blot lightly.

Apologies for the blurry camera pic, with evening, bathroom lighting to boot.

December 07, 2011

Nubar Gold Leaf

I wish more brands did duochromes. Nubar has a good assortment, but it's not the easiest polish to track down, unless you're willing to order online. They also vary a lot in terms of opacity, with no indication of which is which, so that can make ordering a little chancy.

That said, I've been nothing but impressed with all the shades I've tried and owned, so I feel like the risk is small.

The shade I have for you today is called Gold Leaf.

It's one of the more opaque duochromes, so much so that it barely requires a second-coat. It's sort of a bronze-gold, with a deep mauve flash that looks very subtle on the nail. Despite not being the most obvious duochrome, it's beautiful, like molten metal.

It's hard to pick up the mauve flash in these pictures, but it's sort of suggested when you look at the polish close to the edge of the nail - there's sort of a pinkish tinge there.

Also at the curve of the nail in the close-up here, as the color deepens and becomes more burnished.

This is the kind of shade I can wear all through the fall, just so warm and luscious.


Availability: On the Nubar website, from select salons and online boutiques. Price is 8.00$ or so.

Pros: Almost a one-coater. No problems with wear or chipping. Sexy curvy bottle, easy-to-hold. The best application brush ever for non-petite nails. (Better than the OPI pro-wide.)

Cons: Can't think of any, though I know some folks feel that Nubar has a longer drying time or can stay a bit dentable longer. I always use the Diamont top coat with these though, so I had perfectly hard, glossy nails in less than a minute.

(I purchased this item.)

December 04, 2011

I don't hate you, internet.

I've just been inundated with work. Most of my November has been lost to 12-15 hour days at my regular day job - I currently work as a visual merchandiser, which means I've given up on sleep until January 1st. (That is literally how I will be spending my NYE - dozing blissfully into 2012.)

I also run a small (micro, really) business on the side, which also tends to ramp up pre-holidays.

So yes. I had many wonderful posts planned, and got a bunch of stuff to review for y'all. Instead I spent my evenings starting at the wall, and buying more stuff. The latter works out well for this blog though, and I promise I will be updating (with words! and pictures!) very soon.

Part 1:
Blurry pic with my older phone.

Part 2 (added a week later):
Better pic with my new phone.

See? These crappy phone pics are just the begining. ;)

December 02, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge promo code

Everyone and their mother probably knows this by now, but I am so excited I need to post it too: 20% off all Rouge Bunny Rouge products on the Zuneta site with code ROUGEXMAS .

There's a also a free shipping code (FREESHIPXMAS), but unfortunately they don't stack together. On the other hand, you do get free international shipping with orders over 65GBP (about 103$).

I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about this, as I've been lemming this brand for several months.