October 13, 2011

Misa No Shrinking Violetta

Misa is one of those nail polish brands that seems to fly under the radar a bit. I fell in love with them after trying their Poisoned Passion collection, but haven't been wowed by them since. They recently put out a new collection based on sci-fi themes (LOVE), which I am very much lusting after.

In the meantime, some swatches and a review of one of their older polishes, No Shrinking Violetta.

This is in the same family as Nars Orgasm, a sort of pinky-peach with golden shimmer.

It's absolutely beautiful in the bottle, but goes on very sheer. I did my standard two coats, and you can easily see my nail line.

In the shade, it's pretty, but nothing spectacular. And on my medium-toned skin, it actually looks almost a little sickly. (It's prettier in this picture than it was in real life, trust.)

I do think it would be lovely on a fairer complexion.


But in the sun, this baby is golden.

Look at that gorgeous shimmer! I literally got distracted taking these pictures, as I stood there, mesmerized by the shiny.

I wish it looked like that all the time.


Availability: The Misa website, some online retailers, and now it's available at at least some Trade Secrets locations. Price online is 7.50$, a bit more at Trade Secrets I believe.

Pros: Ridiculously beautiful in the sun. Reasonably priced. The bottle are nice and swank. The brush is a trifle thin, but applied easily regardless. No unusual issues with chipping or drying time. Vegan, if that's your preference.

Cons: Sheer and might be a difficult color for some skin tones, but those are a matter of taste.

(I purchased this item online, can't recall where.)

October 12, 2011


I haven't posted anything new in the last few weeks. Part of that has been due to a Chest Cold From Hell (3 weeks and counting) - makeup has been low on the priority list, unfortunately.

I've also been doing a lot of research into animal testing, which has resulted in disheartening and confusing information. As soon as I have all the facts (such as they are) together, I'll be making a post, and possibly a separate page. As of now, I'm removing the 'cruelty-free' on some previous entries, as many of the companies I thought were not testing on animals, are, in fact, doing so. (EL is one of those.)