August 16, 2011

Josie Maran Natural Wonder Palette.

I was browsing the Josie Maran site a while back, and noticed a couple of great things in the sale section. Josie Maran is one of those brands that I wish got more notice. They have some great products with lovely textures and colors, and they're a nice option if you're looking for eco-friendly cosmetics that don't look like health-food store rejects.

See? The Natural Wonder palette is just so pretty!

It's a nice little mix of colors, and I can't recall if it originally came out for summer, but it definitely feels appropriate for that season.

No primer. Flash.

No primer. No flash.

The eyeshadows are soft, a little on the sheer side, but layer easily for more intensity. The bronze and gold are, of course, the most pigmented, the aqua the least. The cornflower blue is really beautiful, and actually has a faint violet duochrome that I wasn't able to capture in any picture I took.

No primer. Flash.

The blushes are, for some reason, more pigmented than the eyeshadows. The blush colors are absolutely lovely and blend very easily for a subtle look. The bronzer is probably lighter than anything I would normally call a bronzer. (I'm about an NC25/Chanel Pro Lumiere 20/MUFE 118, if that helps.) It does layer nicely with the pinker blushes, to give them a more gilded, sunny tone. Could potentially work as a highlight for deeper skin tones.


Availability: Currently still available via the Josie Maran website, for 18$ (original price was 35$)

Pros: Mixed selection of fun colors that work well together. Soft, blendable textures. Very pretty, sleek packaging. Reasonable price, especially on sale. Eco-friendly.

Cons: Colors a little sheer, though that can be a preference for some. All of them have shimmer, which again can come down to preference.

(I purchased this from Sephora.)

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