August 22, 2011

Estée Lauder Fuchsia Fever Lipstick.

As I mentioned in the previous post, this lipstick practically grabbed me by the collar and demanded to be bought. I don't know what possessed me as 1) I rarely wear this kind of shade and 2) it was thirty-two freakin' dollars. I'm willing to spend money on things that I think are worth the price (Guerlain, I'm looking at you), but Estée Lauder is not a brand I normally put into the luxury column.

So is it worth it?

It's very, very pretty. The packaging is a little amped up from the usual thing I associate with EL, and is juuuuust this side of gaudy. (Or maybe that side, depending on your tolerance for faux-gold.)

I like that you can see the color in the bottom encasement, and though it doesn't quite have the heft of some other high-end brands, the tube still feels substantial and elegant.

No flash on the left, flash on the right.

Natural daylight.

Bathroom lighting.

These pictures don't quite capture how vivid this is. It's also a wee bit deeper in real life.

It's a domineering color, but like that other power-player - red - it's a shade that actually looks beautiful when worn alone.

This is me wearing it with absolutely no other makeup - not foundation, not mascara. And somehow it seems to bring life to my face, as opposed to throwing into stark relief how utterly naked it is.

It feels clean, polished, feminine. Dare I say...French?

Overall, I really like this lipstick. It's described as a 'lasting creme' finish, and that's pretty accurate. It goes on very creamy, cushiony, and feels nice on the lips, though it does become more matte as it wears. It's much more comfortable compared with a true matte, so it's an option for those who don't tolerate the drier textures very well, but who still want something that will last for hours. (This WILL stain.) But while I do think it's worthy of the US price, I don't think it's quite unique or luxe enough to merit the Canadian price tag. But what the hell.


Availability: Estée Lauder locations, as well as the website. It's part of the Modern Mercury collection, so I'm going to assume it's a limited shade. The price is 24$ in the US, 32$ here in Canada. 

Pros: Gorgeous color. Feels comfy on the lips. Great lasting power. Looks swank. 

Cons: Color can be hard to pull off, and will definitely emphasize any yellow in the teeth. Price.

(I purchased this from The Bay.)


  1. I love bright lips and this looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. You are too kind, Jacqueline, thank you!

  3. I have this shade too :)

  4. Anonymous25.5.13

    Are you wearing any lipliner and if so, what colour? Does it tend to bleed or is it fairly good at staying put? I'm curious as sometimes lipsticks with a lot of pigment tend to bleed more and I want to purchase this one from the Bay. Thanks!

    1. No lipliner! I haven't noticed any bleeding either. :)

  5. Jacqueline J.29.12.14

    I love the sample I got, but can't find it anywhere. Can anybody help? Thanks

  6. Jacqueline J.29.12.14

    I love the sample I got in a gift box, but I can't find it anywhere. I could use some help... thanks!


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